February 14, 2011
happy valentine's day, friends! here's what i'm loving this valentine's.

1. grant, of course. the stunningly handsome guy who takes care of me.
2. the babes. under this tight-as-a-drum tummy lives a miniature grant & me.. wow. for real?
3. sunshine!! ahhhhh. it nearly blinded me as i got breakfast this morning.
4. a forecast of 40 DEGREES today. madness! very good madness.
5. basketball season just ended. no more waking up at 5:30 for grant. yaaaay!
6. my chiropractor. love her.
7. this pregnancy. the gym. my vitamins. my cold going away. my pilates dvd (ok, i'm hooked).
8. snack time. sandwiches. peanut butter. eggs. fruit. yogurt. chocolate chip cookies.
9. an affair to remember and sleepless in seattle. you just have to.
10. the black lab puppy that lives across the street.
11. the new little yellow lamp in our living room. thrifted last friday.
12.  good, informative, sensible books about birth.
13. amazon prime!! free 2-day shipping all the time. i could go crazy.
13.5 it's currently free for one year for students, so check it out if you qualify!
14. "a daily portion is all that a man really wants." amen! thank you for daily provision, Lord!
15. the promise of seeing my valentine at 4 o'clock today. and everyday. forever.

play with me! what - or who - are you loving today? 


so grant and i love each other.
we also love pizza.
and watching movies.
and rootbeer. henry weinhard's is our brew of choice.
so we put them all together on valentine's day.

head over here to get the recipe for our valentine's day tradition. 
yum. this pizza is seriously my favorite. don't pizza and valentine's just go together? i say yes.


Rachel said...

Those pizzas are adorable!

Our tradition is cheap + greasy chinese take out (maybe the only time all year that I get it!) and funny TV. No gifts, no fanciness.

becky k said...

you're killing me! henry weinhard's is a whole ocean plus a continent away from me - now I want some! happy valentine's anyway ;-)

Marilyn said...

Very cute. I'll have to try those with our favorite toppings - pineapple and jalapeno. :-)

Today, I'm loving a good first day of work.

Amanda said...

so cute, summer. am celebrating our first married valentines staying in and having dinner together. and am staring at the red tulips that chad got for me :)

happy valentines!

Eeny said...

This tradition is super cute. I have to try your pizza recipe soon.
Happy Valentine's.

Anonymous said...

we love henry's root beer too! Yum...haven't had one in forever though.

Karen Johnson

Nessa said...

I love lists are your are always especially good! Happy Valentines to you, grant and the little harms!

Misplaced Country Girl said...

Those pizzas look delish. The world just wouldn't be complete without pizza.

Today I am loving my friends who pour on a little extra love for their single friend! They are just the best!

{lovely little things} said...

What a fun tradition, love the heart shaped pizzas!

foodies at home said...

My husband, the furry four legged ones in the household, angel food cake and a cozy couch! Happy Valentine's Day!

Laura said...

Love the heart-shapes Summer :) Looks like some good pizza!

I made chicken and broccoli alfredo for the boy and I (we used to eat it all the time when I visited him at college) and accidentally bought each other the same valentines gift (/the Social Network on dvd)...and then we watched Scott Pilgrim! Happy days :)

Joanna said...

I'm loving my Brad, our God, amazing steak fajitas, good books, and all the moments at home cuddling we have together.

Kimberlee said...

I'm smitten with chocolate covered strawberries, togetherness, my new pillows, the pizza you made and with love. I'm hopelessly in love with love.

Nora said...

Thank you SO much for the tip on getting Amazon Prime for free as a student. I am way too happy to be able to take advantage of that. :)

Just recently found your blog and it's quickly becoming one of my favorites!

Franca said...

Can you please post the actual recipe to the valentines pizza you talk about? The link doesn't take you directly to the recipe and it's difficult to find it. Thanks so much.



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