February 17, 2011

ohhhh, baby...
there are onesies in my house!

not too many yet, but one is enough for me to be beside myself. so, i washed this onesie with our grown-up clothes on monday. (my first load of laundry to include baby items. very exciting.) and when i came across it in the pile of to-be-folded items, i stopped still.

i held it up. 

there is going to be a tiny baby filling this. 

God is so good!

i tried to imagine the weight it will have once a baby gets inside. it must be a pretty incredible feeling to hold up your own baby, if i get goosebumps just dreaming it. i've been reading that the first moments after your baby is born- when you see each other face to face- are magic. they call it falling in love. boy, do i believe it. do you sweet mommies out there have love at first sight memories with your little ones? oh i hope so. meanwhile, i have a few more months to go. i will have fun trying to stay calm as i wait for my turn to be starry-eyed and swept off my feet. and i will have fun figuring out how to fold clothes this small. and learning what it means to be someone's life source. and most of all, i will have fun dreaming of folding my own up in my arms.

ps. the little stars are gender-neutral enough, right? we thought so.


Marisa said...

I did have moments of awe when my first child was born. But then through the fog of sleeplessness, she was a month old when I realized I wasn't just babysitting, and her mom wasn't coming to pick her up. *I* was her mom. :)

Love the onesie! I totally remember the first onesie excitement!!

Misplaced Country Girl said...

Oh Summer, you just described my biggest dream in life. Sometimes I get scared it will never happen, so I have to hold on extra tight to the thought of the first time I see that baby just to scare off the doubt.

Kaitlyn Luce said...

Yes! The blue stars ar gender neutral enough.

I'm not a mom, shoot! I'm not even married or in a relationship, but my best friend just had a her first child on Christmas. She's a missionary in Haiti so it took a while for her to find out what she was having. She ended up with a lot of greens and yellows for baby clothes, but they still look just as adorable. Especially green with a matching green blanket. It makes me go "awww...".

swell.life said...

oooh i am squealing with delight for you over here. i think doing all the baby laundry was one of my very favorite pregnancy preparations. and folding and organizing things into his own special drawers...just dreaming of how fun it would be to dress those squirmy arms and legs! do get a few of the kimono style shirts to wear in the first week or two before his/her little cord stump falls off. :)

Nessa said...

that first moment is magic... pure and simple unconditional love.

we didn't find out if we were having a girl or a boy until birthday - we bought little stretchy headbands to take just incase we needed a bow. We had a onesie with blue dots just like that one... she loved fabulous in it.

Grandma G said...

Oh, yes... I do have those memories, even after all these years! As clear as Day One! :)

Anneliese said...

i remember being so glad that baby was just here & healthy! i also had energy through the roof! everyone kept thinking i should be tired or rest (from 7 hours of pushing-ha!) but i was just on cloud nine! i also remember loving to hold him the most-because he was MY baby! usually you just visit with a newborn & then give him back to their mom...now you are the one who gets to log the most baby time!

ps. you will be shocked at how tiny your baby is! i remember thinking i would take a 0-3 outfit to the hospital (we took boy & girl outfits) but my mother in law wisely thought it might be just a little to big...so we got newborn size...the outfit i had been picturing B didnt wear until he was a month old!

laura.railing said...

Oh Summer it IS indeed a magical thing!! A moment to cherish forever! I LOVED sorting all the baby clothing and looking at each piece imagining our little precious baby wearing it. The newborn advice is great! 0-3 months is usually a little bit big for newborns.

Guess what my security phrase is??

GRANT!!! Hehe

Charlotte said...

Your baby posts never fail to make me smile :)

I love how excited you are to meet your baby - makes me excited to be in that same position one day in the future


donya gjerdingen said...

It really is incredible, those first moments. But what's even more amazing, is that even though my little boy is nearly a year old now, I still fall in love every single time I look at him. It's the strongest love I've ever felt. I can't wait for you to feel it too, Summer!

Tasha said...

It is the most amazing feeling in the world! I love talking about my birth stories. And, I also loved the labor and delivery. The pain was intense, but it was forgotten. The immediate and overwhelming sense of love, joy and connection with this new little person will always be remembered. My OB allowed me to "deliver" my son and place him on my chest before anyone else laid hands on him. That was incredible!

Dee said...

oh you are so cute. and every child should be so lucky to have a mom with such enthusiasm. every moment is magical- sure there are some tough times but worth every second. all the best.

Christina said...

Baby clothes just make it seem so real. I'm a mom to 3 little ones, and every time I pull out the onesies it's completely surreal to think about a sweet baby filling it up!

reece said...

...the moment that little boy was placed in my arms, will forever be the best moment of my life. Love, oh boy, there's not a beautiful enough words to describe it. To our shock he was all blonde haired and blue eyed, and it was MAGIC. Enjoy, every minute:)

Bridget said...




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