February 21, 2011
what do you do on a weekend in february, in a small town, with a snowstorm & a baby on the way?

you head to the gym. (thank goodness we have one of these in town.)
you take your book to the treadmill with you, because it's hard to put down.
you make grilled cheese and tomato soup.
you and your husband fall asleep on the couch watching a documentary on kim jong il.
it's only 8:30 pm. (but really, you liked the documentary.)
you get up, take your fish oil, and go to bed, because grown ups can do that. and they like it.
you take a shower before you do anything else on saturday, otherwise it won't get done.
you feel great that you got that out of the way!
you think showering is not what it was (or as important as it was) in high school.
you eat this granola with banana slices.... mmmmm. you need seconds.
you make a baby wish list on amazon! yaaaaaay!! best way ever to register.
{remember: you live in a small town, and places to shop are rather limited.}
you pick out a baby monitor, and hope for the best. you throw in some good diaper detergent, too.
you take your car in for an oil change.
you visit the car wash and the antique store. you love saturday errands with grant. 

you get a darling lamp for $5 and two big mirrors with potential.
you go back to the treadmill.
you come home and have a banana.
you get yourself upstairs, turn on some music, and clean out your closet!
you get rid of a garbage bag full of... garbage. sorry, old clothes.
you make room for some maternity clothes you bought online. yay for yoga pants!
you cut the back of grant's hair. he looks good.
you spend the night researching cloth diapers and car seats.
you wake up at 6:30 sunday morning and it's thundering and lightning... and snowing.
you can't fall back to sleep. neither can your husband, so it's fun.
you get blizzarded, and church gets cancelled.
you make sunday dinner anyway.
you use your cast iron pan and those organic baby carrots that taste sweet as candy.

you study the snowflakes falling. they get big and fluffy and slow, and then small, sparkly and fast. 
you eat part of the dark chocolate bar that was supposed to be for baking.
you hug grant a lot. you're happy you live with him.
you help him put the finishing touches on your vacation video. (come back tomorrow to see it!)
you thought the oscars were going to be happening.
you make popcorn anyway. 
you take your tummy photo for the baby series.
you blog while grant snowblows the driveway. 
you get the call that school is 2 hours late tomorrow!!
you had an awesome weekend. 

sometimes it's just nice to be able to look back and know exactly what was going on :)


Hannah said...

Hi Summer, I was thinking earlier how I've been missing your lists, so it was a lovely treat to pop by your blog today and discover a wonderfully comprehensive one! it sounds like you had a lovely weekend : )

Nessa said...

what a lovely weekend and hooray for maternity clothes!

Sarah said...

That is a gorgeous lamp! I love bananas with granola. I recently have been loving putting bananas in my oatmeal. Delicious!

summer said...

@sarah.. YES! bananas and oatmeal are one of my favorite combos, too! they got me through my early pregnancy days when NOTHING sounded edible:)

@hannah... thanks for missing my indulgent listing, miss hannah. you are the sweetest.

{natalie} said...

tomato soup sounds delish.

what book are you reading?

i always love your photos.

Caryn said...

I bought an exact same lamp this week for $5 too! Mine doesn't have a shade, though. I am a little bit in love with it. :) What a wonderful weekend!

Marisa said...

What a great weekend! I totally agree with you on the showering thing. Thunder, lightning and snow at 6:30am? Sounds like a stimulating start to the day! :)

Eeny said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. =)

Renee said...

sounds like a great way to spend a weekend! i was guessing that you and grant might be into cloth diapers!! (didn't i say that, sarah t?!!) one of my friends here uses them, and LOVES them!!
right now, i am having green apple slices dipped in your peanut butter granola...yummm...what a great, healthy snack!

danielle p. said...

awww... We've had a turn for spring weather down south and this makes me wish for those recent weekends hunkered down and snuggled in, away from the winter cold.

donya gjerdingen said...

So true about the showering. I found myself showering even less once my son was born.

Julia Wade said...

sounds divine. and congrats on the maternity clothes ... you're gonna love 'em. xo



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