February 1, 2011
anyone out there need some good fish oil? want some of mine?! i have to tell someone how much i love it. you don't have to go out and buy this kind once you're done reading this, but i wouldn't blame you if you did. who knew that cod liver oil could taste better than candy? 
                                keep reading if you care about omega-3 and all that jazz. 

so. why am i raving about barlean's organic oils? i wanted to find a way to boost my daily amount of omega-3, both for the baby and my own body, and for me, this is the easiest and most enjoyable way to do it! because let's be real. i don't eat enough fish. and if i'm really honest, i don't like too many kinds of fish. this omega swirl stuff gives you 720 mg of EPA/DHA per serving + omega-6 and omega-9, too. think about all those good fats going to work inside you! and for me, they're going to work building a baby. yessss. it's amazing how much we need them. ever since these bottles arrived on my door step, all bubble-wrapped with cold packs, i can't stop talking about them. first of all, they're so crazy yummy. mango peach, orange cream, and chocolate raspberry?! yes. please.


secondly, it's just so good for you! barlean's omega swirl gives you all the benefits of omega-3 (and more) without any fish burps or weird tastes/textures. it doesn't have all the synthetics that some capsules contain, it's guaranteed pure, pharmaceutical grade oil, and is a lot fresher than anything you'll find on the drug store shelf. you can even see the date it was created stamped on your bottle! it's clinically proven 90% more absorbable than regular fish oil and is made with natural fruit flavors and sweeteners. and the best part is that you will look forward to taking it. i can't wait to stir it into my plain yogurt + bananas everyday after lunch. sometimes if i'm feeling extra indulgent i'll just lick it straight off the spoon.

my favorite flavor is the mango peach. mmmmm. 
i also got some of their flax oil and love that too. (that's the chocolate raspberry stuff.)

thanks for listening to my rave advertisement.
i'm all done now!


Jessica said...

I checked it out because we're working on making a baby ourselves ( although not quite there yet)Look they will give out a free sample! http://www.barleans.com/store/productlist_sample.asp?departmentid=29&d=Free+Samples+-+Try+it+For+Yourself!

Renee said...

oh summer...i am so glad you wrote a post on this! i am so intrigued with learning about this supplement now! i can't wait to order some...i really want to taste that orange swirl and choc raspberry! yuuum!! here's some more info to help your little "advertisement"!!

Super Supplement # 1: Omega-3 Fish Oil

The incredible anti-inflammatory power of Omega-3 essential fatty acids found in the high fat fish and in fish oil can accomplish the following:

Reduce inflammation in all organ systems
Accelerate the loss of body fat
Elevate mood
Improve attention span
Stabilize blood sugar levels
Lower insulin levels
Create and maintain healthy serotonin levels
Stop the roller coaster effects of the carbohydrate highs and lows
Decrease appetite
Increase radiance to skin
Increase health of immune system
Increase energy levels
Decrease symptoms and severity of rheumatoid arthritis
Reduced symptoms and severity of chronic skin conditions such as eczema
Decreased cardiovascular risk

sorry to take up so much room...but i'm just as excited as you are!!
i may have to try jessica's free sample link too!!

Emily said...

awesome. thank you so much for this!! by the way, which is your fav flavor?

Megan said...

fish oil is the best! it is soo good for you and your growing baby! it is actually on my list to get at the health food store this weekend!

never seen the omega swirl stuff. will have to try!

thanks for sharing!

Miranda said...

I am officially intrigued. I take a fish oil supplement...grudgingly. You have given me a small glimmer of hope.

marta said...

i needed that, thank you. i so love when you are giddy about something and share it with us.

p.s. is this stuff in stores? or just online?

{lovely little things} said...

Sounds like a good way to get those nutrients. Who knew fish oils came in flavors?

laura.railing said...

whoa. I'm trying to wrap my mind around fish oil and yummy coexisting. I still have icky flashbacks of nasty cod liver oil *blech!!!*

But. You inspired me to maybe try some sometime! Because those look... shall I say it.. Good?!! :-D

Rach said...

Summer, do you take the omega swirl and the women's at the same time, or do you alternate them? Thanks for sharing, going to pick some up this weekend!

Jessica said...

they give out free samples! i love free samples!

Renee said...

for marta: i found them at two health food stores in my town..(if you have a whole foods market..they have them too!)

for jessica: thanks for the link to the free samples...mine is on it's way!!

Tracy said...

So funny that you blogged on this! I actually live just down the road from this company. We buy our seafood from their company store on site. They are a wonderful local company we choose to support. I had no idea they made fish oil like this. I will definately be stopping by to check it out. Thanks!

Bridget said...

i take the normal cod liver oil but i get the fruity barleans for my kids and they love it-- good for the brains! yes!



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