March 14, 2011
i'm 28 weeks now, but in my head that better translates to 2 weeks shy of 30. let's just smoosh these next 14 days together so i can put a 3 in front of my progress. not that i want it to be over, but i do want to feel like i've come a long way. who doesn't? i can't stop looking ahead. and 30 looks like a benchmark. maybe then i could even say i'm "close." i realize i keep marking this pregnancy's progress like there's something astonishing about it.. like time gone by is some sort of phenomenon. but it's the only way i can stand the wait. must mark the milestones, no matter how normal they are.

plus, there is something astonishing about having your body taken over.. inch by inch, day by day.

when people ask me how i'm feeling, i can't say enough good things. the baby behaves beautifully. kicking when i want to know she/he's there, allowing me to do 3 miles on the treadmill, giving me an honest tired at the end of every day, and by and large, letting me do my thing. it's honestly been a breeze. plus benefits. i feel pretty euphoric walking around with this little harmsie inside. sure, every day i wonder if my t-shirt will be long enough to meet the waistband of my pants, but it's amazing how a certain kind of bulging torso can make you feel like you've become important somehow. or at least a little bit special. praise the Lord for a smooth, healthy, enjoyable pregnancy. basically, other than this growing tummy (i am feeling bigger these days) and the bizarre movement inside me, i feel completely normal. better than normal. no "symptoms". i guess that just goes to show me the incredible naturalness of having a baby. i don't know what i expected, but God designed my body specifically to do this job, and He did it perfectly.

happily, no big news to report with this baby bulletin. oh, and no line crawling up my tummy either. i actually have a circle around my belly button, which i've read lots of people get, and they don't like the way it looks. well. i think it looks cool.

ps. no, i really don't have a hunch about whether it's a girl or a boy. i thought i did, but lately i just go back and forth. i'm no good at this intuition stuff.


Christina said...

30 weeks IS a big milestone! Glad to hear just how fabulously it's going for you.

I'm exactly 20 weeks today, which I'm duly celebrating. I feel glowy, and wonderful, and all that I should. ; )

Christina said...

p.s. You guys have probably already picked out names, but every time I think about you and your new baby, the name "Emily" pops into my head, so I thought I'd throw it out there just in case you're interested...

Anonymous said...

I think it's a boy. From what I can tell, although never being pregnant myself, you seem to be carrying low and from what I've experienced in families and friends most people who have girls are seriously sick almost their entire pregnancy!

I hope you don't mind I linked your recipe here:

Jena said...

I am guessing that the way you are carrying, that you are having a boy. Good Luck

kristin said...

Three (w a boy on the way) & ppl have told me both during all my pregnancies minus this one (I've looked the same all 3xs- guess it's sinking in!)
You'll have to let us know if ppl tell u their predictions!!!

nataliep. said...

you ARE getting up there summer!you're full term in, what, 9 weeks??!! in just 2 weeks you CAN put a three in your progress!!! i remember the excitement as you progress in your 9 month venture. with each passing milestone you feel more and more excited about how far you've come. it's always exciting to say how far along you are!

Anna said...

You look great! My coworker is just a few weeks behind you. She is having a girl and she is carrying higher and her belly isn't sticking out as much. It's more rounded all over. That makes me believe you are having a boy but who knows. Everyone is different :)

Bridget said...

love what you wrote. i am feeling great (at 21 wks) too and love love love feeling the baby kick. i swear, if i want to feel it i can think "please kick baby, please?" and he will. listening already.

can you tell me the font of your 28 weeks baked? i love it.



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