March 4, 2011
and i'm still hooked on this.
and i'm finishing each batch by myself.
and there's no sign of slowing down.

in other news.. last night i did an interview about pregnancy nutrition with an old high school friend. super fun. she's getting married this summer and will be living in australia, in a house near the beach. wowww.

and today i'm baking cakes with my mother-in-law.
and tomorrow i'll shop for maternity clothes/go to basketball games/look for a new blow dryer.
and all week i've been wanting pancakes. what's your fave recipe? i feel like trying 10 different kinds.


Sarah said...

SO good! I will usually omit the blueberries and/or add chocolate chips and I add cinnamon too, because cinnamon makes the world go round.

They also freeze really well, so I usually make a huge batch and then pop them in toaster for the next week. :)

Jackie Norris said...

Mmm, I'm 39 weeks now and have been craving pancakes too! I just tried the cornmeal ones in this blog post and they were delicious:

Christina said...

Do you have the Joy of Cooking? I loooove their basic pancake recipe. I think it's the vanilla and hint of sweetness. :D

Kelli said...

I love blueberry and just a yummy pancake fried in butter.

Kim J. said...

America's Test Kitchen pancakes are pretty hard to beat!

Skyler and Jared said...

Hi Summer! These definitely became a fave recipie of Jared and mine... especially with pure maple syrup!

yum! Hope youre doing well!

Brooke said...

These ones look so good! Also, around Christmas, I added a smidge of eggnog and nutmeg to my batter with the milk and water. They turned out amazing!

Also, I retried the granola. Turns out my gas oven gets too hot. I cut the temp down to 200 and left them in there for 20 minutes instead. It turned out much better!

Anonymous said...

We just had these multigrain pancakes this morning. So delicious and so healthy too!

You can also customize the grains to whatever you like or happen to have on hand. Hope you get the chance to try them!

Laura V.



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