March 2, 2011

have been browsing gear for the babes- still no clue whether it's a little mister or a little miss. and i love it. it requires a little bit of subtlety. whites, creams, grays, and a bit of red is where my mind likes to dwell these days, and that suits me fine. neutrals might be my fave anyway. these are some things i love..

signature wagon onesie from black wagon. bear rattle from blabla. lotus print blanket from tea collection. wooden brush set from ore originals. red jogging stroller by joovy. (the only thing we actually have so far!) basic white onesies by gerber.


nataliep. said...

love all the neutrals. i was never really into the bright animal prints myself. and to think you'll be using these sorts of things on an everyday basis so very soon! precious. said...

you totally can't go wrong with neutrals. sometimes i wish we hadn't known what graham would be, just so that we'd have more neutralish gear. (hoping he's the first in a lineage of boys, otherwise i will need to spring for a new car seat and crib bedding!) love that sweet little knit bear.

p.s. giving away a cute abc onesie on my blog this week with your name on it...

laura.railing said...

Summer, one awesome thing you can do with onesies is get a fun print fabric and cut out a shape or a letter, or words and attach it. My cousin does that and ends up with the CUTEST onesies! She just uses the plain onesies usually. For Father's day, she cut out a tie shape and sewed it(I think?) onto a onesie for her little boy. Soo cute. She'll do like owls and bugs and flowers and cute stuff for her daughter. Just a fun thought! Etsy has SOoo many cute prints!

Plain is good too though! But thought I'd send you an idea for a good easy peasy way to dress up a simple onesie.

Nessa said...

not knowing if the little one is a boy or a girl is the best! just a tidbit... those Gerber onesies run really REALLY small... skip newborn altogether. We were always a size or two ahead in those.

kristin said...

i agree with nessa on the gerber onesies being fairly small. for my guys- the carter ones tend to start out a wee big, so it's nice to have both (if you get carter's at all). my 3 boys thus far were born at 5lb9oz, 7lb2oz, and 7lb9oz- and all proved to be the same thing size-wise (though my 5 pounder is still a string bean!)
ps- neutrals are the best, and i find that i lean on my husband for that because for gear i end up with gray/black and that can be boring. :)

Julia Wade said...

love every single one ... neutrals truly will be the best!



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