March 28, 2011

it came! the big 3-0. it feels awesome. i snapped these pics before heading to school... where the preschoolers insist on telling me, every day, 10x a day, "miss summer, your tummy's getting bigger!" i didn't know if they would really care or not, but they are so excited about this whole baby situation. the little girls give me extra hugs and pats, and the little boys aren't afraid to stare. it's adorable.

so, 30 weeks. at this point i feel.. 
the baby move a lot. 
like there aren't enough hours in the day. (probably because i sleep during so many of them) 
pretty familiar with laying on my left side. 
like i can ask someone else to bend over and get something. 
good. happy. healthy.
slightly uncomfy at night. i get why people buy body pillows.
like eating macaroni and cheese. and fruit strips
like shopping for new pajamas.. so i can wear something fun when he/she gets here. 
warm. i need less blanket cover these days. 
like switching to pandora for awhile. 
like i'm breathing a lot heavier after doing pilates. 
like i could go for some ice cream.. and i'm not an ice cream girl. 
anxious to go on a walk outside.. preferably on a dry sidewalk. 
excited to be almost done with march! the least-loved month at our house.
ready for more sweet baby dreams.
ready to be a mommy. 

ps. please excuse the toilet in these photos. :) and if you aren't familiar with the title of this post.. you must not have grown up on the rodgers & hammerstein musicals like i did.. this song is from carousel


Maryclayre said...

ditto on the ice cream!

Jackie Norris said...

you look so great!

marta said...

too cute summ. really truly, you look beautiful and so chic. can't wait to hear about the baby shower! and yes, i wish i'd gotten a body pillow. maybe for the next.. and yes, pretty pajamas. you will need some for lounging and cuddling. this is ever so exciting.

p.s. i thought of you today. my sis gave me a book all about pre-school activities. am loving all the ideas, you are already so prepared with ideas. lucky you, lucky babe.

Anonymous said...

You look great!

Christina said...

Love your cute little red bow!

Kelly said...

Cute outfit! Can't wait to hear abou the shower!

Annabelle said...

30 is a big milestone - you are on the home stretch!

Anneliese said...

i too was all about the ice cream...and it is never my go to sweet normally!

maybe you already do this...but you can make a rodgers & hammerstein station on pandora! :) i like it while i am making supper.

clarissa said...

I am as far as you and you look amazing! Just so classy and chic... I don't have a body pillow, but have to laugh because I am already up to 5 smaller pillows tucked in all around me! Love reading your blog!

Brea said...

You look adorable, summer. Just as I thought you would! I am curious, why is March your least favorite month? It's one of my favorites!

Brea said...

You look adorable, summer. Just as I thought you would! I am curious, why is March your least favorite month? It's one of my favorites!

HannahH said...

oh my goodness adorable! i can't wait to see you and the babes this summer :-)

K said...

You look great! I love when pregnant women still keep things stylish, like pregnancy isn't an excuse to look lazy. And that outfit and your hair is so cute.

Kaitlyn Luce said...

You are such a cute pregnant lady! :-)

summer said...

you all are too kind! thank you!

and brea (hi!!) grant could give you the whole low down on why march is the worst, but i'll try to sum it up:)

because it feels soooo long after short february, it's very brown and gray (at least it is here), there's not anything exciting going on, it's not winter and it's not really spring, mud, etc. once he explained this reasoning to me, i was persuaded:)

Maggie May said...

Nobody makes me want to comment on their blog as much as you do! Carousel is one of my fave R&H musicals, but I feel like it doesn't get as much love as some of the others.

As a sidenote, could you do a post sometime about what you do/what you use in your hair? Mine is similar, but always looks "crispy" whereas yours looks soft!

Lydia said...

So, I LOVE the red ribbon belt you have on! It makes your Mommy belly look like a present : )



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