March 30, 2011

so. question. do you make bread? it's such a rush. a delicious, wholesome, addictive rush. and the best part is that it's not nearly as hard as it looked before i started. 

if you're not so sure... hop over to the smithfield blog for my amateur how-to guide and a sure-fire recipe. i'm convinced that once you have this skill in your back-pocket, you'll be all the happier for it. happy baking! 


marta said...

am baking bread this minute! can't wait to hop over to read your tips. you are a pro. seriously, learning how to bake bread wasn't as tough as i once imagined. i really do feel 'accomplished' when bread is baking and my family is always happier too. hooray.

nataliep. said...

nothing beats fresh homemade bread! it is so comforting!
i tried to click on your link but when i did i was taken to someone else's post on gardening. am i doing it wrong?

Amanda said...

it's so funny that marta posted that she's making bread because at that same moment, I was waiting for my bread to rise. I gotta be honest with convinced me long ago, after my first screw-up and your formspring explanation, that baking bread was for me! I haven't bought a store-bought loaf of sliced bread in ages.
And, I bake your bread recipes exclusively. I haven't even ventured over to other blogs because your recipes are easy to understand and have such simple instructions.

Enough of my babbling--thanks Summer!

nataliep. said...

ok, never mind! i was able to get to your how to guide through your link!
can't wait to read it!

Anna said...

I love making bread! I tried recently and failed. I put my bread to rise on top of the warm oven. Apparently where I placed the glass bowl is the vent source for the oven so it cooked the bottom of my rising dough.

Maggie May said...

Do you have a go-to size and material for your bread loaf pans? I normally make mine in a 9x5 metal pan, but picked up an 8.5x4.5 glass loaf pan thrifting recently. The glass pan made a beautiful loaf, but took much longer to bake than my metal pans do.



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