April 4, 2011
it's april! and i am so happy about it. granted, i'm still shuffling around the house in my slippers while i do laundry today. but, the winter fog has lifted. grant has been out in the yard, the sky has been blue (has it been gray all these months? i really think it must've been), and our ice rink is gone.. leaving us a huge square of surprisingly green grass.

and while spring has been springing, i have been 
watching our calendar fill up. 
getting excited about the busy weeks ahead.
eating burgers made by grant.  
anxiously awaiting the day i can wear my flip flops. 
clipping my toenails while i can still reach them. 
having a hard time making any decision. 
listening to eric hutchinson. 
slathering oil on my blooming baby. 
stretching my lower back.
loving how the sun looks so much more yellowy lately.
reserving a banana for these cookies
remembering how nice it is to hear birds chirp. 
cleaning the bathroom instead of trying to be creative. 
living in my yoga pants. 
living on roasted carrots. 
changing my mind about what color to paint the baby's room. 
reminiscing about last year at this time, when i was training to run a race. 
trying to remember running, and being glad for walking. :) 
cheering grant, as he finishes up a big class. 
watching "tangled"... twice. and loving it. and planning to buy it. 
and singing this song all day long.. sometimes in a duet with grant. 


Laken said...

love this post.
and I LOVED Tangled, too! We watched it last week and we've been laughing about it ever since.

Christina said...

We've been enjoying sunnier days and warmer temperatures too! And I have even worn my sandals a time or two even though it's technically still too chilly. :o It felt good, though. And I too am feeling thankful for walking.

Amanda said...

I have not seen Tangled, but all I've heard is good things. I like to picture you and G singing this song in your house :)



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