April 7, 2011

just send me strawberries, please.

so my husband brings home a 5 pound bouquet of berries for me, instead of a dozen roses. he gets me. he gets my love for practical gifts. (and strawberries.) sometimes he brings a block of good cheese, a box of my fave cereal, a carton of something organic and yummy, some amazing-looking romaine lettuce, a box of oranges, or something else as exciting. groceries make incredible gifts, right? not that you'd catch me being ungrateful for flowers.

thank you, grant. i love you for all the little things you do. i love you for gifting groceries. i love you for letting me read @bluthquotes twitter feed to you over the phone. i love you for sharing the sink with me while we brush our teeth, instead of taking turns. i love you for telling me when my nose is bleeding. i love you for being into whatever i'm into. i love you for being serious in public and crazy when you're home with me. the crazy that makes me laugh my real laugh. i love you for taking care of me and the babes. i'm sure he/she says thank you for the berries, too.

ps. the doris day shout out in the title is for you. my old movie friends. you know who you are. 


Sarah said...

Those are some yummy looking strawberries! What a great guy.

Christina said...

Very nice! I love thoughtful, personal gifts like that as opposed to cliche, obligatory ones. : ) And your strawberry photos are making my mouth water...

Marisa said...

Gorgeous photos! I'm a sucker for grocery gifts, too. Way tastier than flowers. :)

Brea said...

I love Grant, (in a cousin-sort-of-way) for his comment on Heidi's post about the farm wallpaper border.

A Place to Reside said...

This made me smile, because my husband likes to bring me blueberries. He knows I like to eat them...and imagine all those antioxidants attacking free radicals. :-)

Carissa said...

strawberries are ALWAYS > flowers. :-)

Laken said...

Agreed! I would take groceries over flowers any day :)

Your note to Grant is the sweetest.

ChelseaF said...

Please, please, don't eat the daisies (eat strawberries instead!)


kristin said...

strawberries come from some beautiful flowers, right? :)

and! are you able to individually pick your strawberries? i haven't seen such a bountiful beauty of berries in one bin/basket at once since i was little. i miss being able to pick it by the pound. (wah wah wahhhh)

Ashley said...

Just made strawberry daquiris the other night and I forgot how much I missed them! I agree. I love when my fiance leaves me notes...the little things are the most important in a relationship. Love your blog by the way:)

arielle @ a beautiful journey. said...

oh my...lovely photos! love strawberries oh so much.


{lovely little things} said...

Love this, I agree the little things that that special someone knows about you is often much more meaningful than flowers.



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