April 8, 2011
dear baby

t-minus 8 weeks today! although it feels like this process has gone so quickly (you were inside me way back in september?), being pregnant is starting to feel permanent. i'm starting to forget what it was like before. not that that's a bad thing. i really am having a good time carrying you. not faking it. it's just that i'm anxious to win the prize at the end of this race. you are going to be the biggest and best blue ribbon of my life.

but have i mentioned that your room is not ready yet? so, it's a good thing we still have these next 8 weeks. don't worry, i'm told that when you get here all you'll really want is mom and dad. we're here. and you won't care about paint colors for a long time yet.

we're scheduling appointments for you every other week now. i guess that's our cue to get ready. you'll be here soon! and you are doing your part. how you've grown since i last wrote to you! we keep getting all good reports. and you're sitting head down, too! way to go. that news made your mommy so happy. i just love being able to picture how you're riding around. i even learned how to feel your head, which was a crazy moment. i always get the giggles while i'm laying down for your check-ups... partly because i'm so ticklish, but mostly because i'm freaking out because you are real.

i can definitely tell that you're the boss of my body now.. taking charge of when i go to the bathroom and how deeply i can breathe and making sure i get up at least once during the night. you've cleared a nice path for your hang-out, and everything else (like, organs) is getting pushed up and out. i can feel it! it's amazing. tossing and turning in bed isn't quite as effortless as it sounds anymore. i usually support both sides of my tummy with my hands before i make a move now. it's fun to have to think about you more and more as you grow.

i keep thinking about how fun it would be to go swimming while you're inside me. i just know it would feel awesome. i also keep trying to picture calling you by name. and listening for your cry. i dream about coming to the rescue when i hear you crying. i can't wait to be what you need most.

your dad will be home for the weekend soon! i'm sure we'll talk about you a lot. we always do.

your mom


Anneliese said...

it does begin to feel permanent, doesn't it? not in a bad way, but there are things you can't recall...like putting your shoes on easily.

you must go swimming! all of (last) june was spent at the pool! me & the few other prego moms would smile at each other when we would waddle past. PLUS it's the one time you don't have to feel the least self-conscious in a swim suit!

don't stress about your nursery. you are right. baby really only wants you...plus you have waited this long to snuggle...so you really only want baby (right by your side) too!

Anonymous said...

my sister loved swimming when pregnant. She actually felt weightless! Loved it!


undomestic chica said...

Towards the end, it does feel permanent, doesn't it? It's funny how you have the baby and then magically you can breathe again. It only takes an instant and that's a funny thought because it took so much to get to the point of not being able to breathe.

Phil and Bri said...

No idea how I found your blog but I love checking yours because we are two weeks apart. ;) We are due June 20th with our first. Congrats to you both!



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