May 19, 2011

back in the day, summer vacation would've kicked off with the first box of freeze pops sliding into the freezer and mom picking up our pool membership tags. i would've had my annual "summer schedule" mapped out, which would've included the lofty goal of vacuuming my room every morning by 9:00. swimming lessons would be on the calendar. the beginning of my mountain of library books would be checked out. (proof that i was a nerd.) at lunchtime we might've watched an episode of scooby doo while we rubbed sunscreen on our arms, preparing for an afternoon at the pool.

well, no pool for me today. (i was still wearing slippers this morning.) maybe it doesn't feel like the summer vacation of old, but that's alright. the summer feelings will come, soon enough. instead of popsicles and scooby doo, today has been like this:

the sorting of newborn onesies to be washed and grown-up clothes to be put away.
the smell of this coconut lime soap.
the sight of a pink geranium from preschool, a clean bathroom sink, grant's yard work.
the taste of these cookies.
the feel of a "shelf" of baby bottom under my shirt and some contraction-ish things going on.
the sound of "quando, quando, quando" by michael buble and nelly furtado.
the waiting for our date tonight: me, grant, spaghetti, and 2 episodes of parks & rec
maybe later.. the playing of scrabble on the ipad. (i am addicted.)

and have i mentioned how excited i am for camp next month? ahhh! i can't wait to spend the summer with all the camp goodness. including this cutie... (who answers to champ, champion, champy, champy-poo, etc.)

and this one, of course. (who has popularized the wearing of wigs for most major camp activities.)

and a new one, too. arriving shortly. :)
bring on the summer. 


Nessa said...

Freezer-pops are a sure sign of summer at my house too. They were filling the pool on our walk today.

Hooray for camp... and a new wee little camper.

Kelly said...

just curious how you will handle camp with a little one.

Jordan and Jandee said...

Yay for summer! Summer is homemade lemonade and porch sitting for me.

Laura Railing said...

Yay for summer!!! Our summer is still uncertain right now and we have some rainy days mixed in with beautifully sunny ones. Summer for us is trips to the beach (mind you, our beaches are rather pebbly and the water cold,but it is a BEACH nonetheless, Northwest style!!) We fire up the grill a lot, and just enjoy the outdoors. I can't say we don't try to get some sunburn because it's the only time of year we can!

Looking forward to hearing an exciting announcement someday soon!!!!!!!!

Learning to Simply Live said...

Has the time come? Miss your daily posts, but excited that the babes may be here!!! :D



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