May 9, 2011
dear baby,

yesterday was my first mother's day. thank you for making me a mom! it's been so fun - meaning, the best thing ever - to take care of you these past 8 months. your daddy got me some truffles and yellow tulips to celebrate, and we spent the evening getting ready for you. there is now a dresser in your room, a little rocking chair, a bookshelf, and a sweet crib that i will love to come rescue you from at the end of every nap. now all we need is you.

these days i'm feeding you fresh salsa and lots of strawberries, good sandwiches, and guess what else? prunes! aren't they yummy? some people say they're icky, but i could eat them by the pound. (although that's probably not the best idea ever.) i think they're really helping my digestion, which has slowed to a crawl in this last trimester. your mom's body is working hard to do this double duty thing!

lately i've been doing stuff like.. small clean-y things around the house, putting a few meals into the freezer for after you arrive, listening to eric hutchinson, doing end-of-the-year tests with the preschoolers, watching our yard green up and get mowed by your dad, getting into the hands-and-knees pilates positions because they feel so good, and singing my favorite hymns to you- so that you'll recognize them when you're here. and i can tell that you hear me when i sing!

a little update on you: wow, you are super strong now. and long. and heavy! there's getting to be a lot more of you inside me. each movement is so precise and visible, i can barely believe that they used to feel like tiny waves deep inside me. it's fun to be so familiar with your moves now.. i know just where your favorite kicking spots are, i feel your hiccups as soon as they start, and i know your little bottom sliding by my belly button better than anything else. i wonder if you've "dropped" in the past couple days because suddenly there is a lot more pressure going on down south. at your last check-up we found out that your head is "engaged" in my pelvis, so hooray for that!

so, we are now officially less than one month away from your due date. exciting! in fact, next week we will be "full term". very exciting. your dad and i are getting really close to finishing up another school year, and i know once summer vacation hits it's just going to feel like one big waiting game. waiting for you. we'll just be hanging out, maybe doing some stuff at camp, so come whenever you feel like it!

mom's praying for you. all the time.
i can't wait for you to come be ours.

your mom


Laura Railing said...

Summer, that was beautiful! What a sweet keepsake to have!

A Place to Reside said...

This brought tears to my eyes. It's really lovely to see your relationship with your child even now, prior to birth.

Lydia said...

My sister and her husband have always sung hymns (with all the verses!) to their children, and my niece who is 3 now can sing them so well! She often belts out "On Christ the Solid Rock," "Amazing Grace" and so many other ones. It's really great and such a blessing to see one so little beginning to learn of how amazing God is!!

summer said...

That was lovely thank you for posting that

donya gjerdingen said...

How wonderful that Grant will be on Summer vacay when your little baby arrives! Did you guys try to plan that? So excited for you Summer. You will be an amazing mom. Can't wait to see that baby on the blog.



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