May 2, 2011

i can't be sure, but i think i might've just spent the weekend nesting.
it started saturday morning, where all weekends start. but instead of cold cereal and toast, on a whim i decided on scrambled eggs and smoothies. a small spontaneous decision, but i think it might've been important. because from there saturday snowballed.

i was up at the sink doing the breakfast dishes when i decided to make bread. i was making bread when i decided to do some laundry. i was doing laundry when i decided to scrub the sink with baking soda. and soon enough, i was working my way through a whole list of little things that i've been meaning to get at for who knows how long. wiping cupboard doors, scrubbing the stove top, taking down that garland that's been up since christmas, sweeping the bathroom floor, planting my basil seeds, putting new bedding on our bed, wiping walls (seriously), vacuuming upstairs, getting sticky spots off the kitchen floor, rearranging random stuff that collects on my counters, and finally getting at those cobwebs that have been bothering me (actually grant had to reach those for me). and while i was up and down our house with my impulsive cleaning missions, grant was putting up crown molding in the baby's room. together we made a pretty productive team.

the rest of the weekend was spent filling in nail holes, making paint touch-ups, and putting together our crib (yaaaaay!) and jogging stroller (a pretty complex gadget). there was no nap. no movie night. no computer. (although we did have the nfl draft streaming in the background.) it was all good, clean work. and weirdly enough, i'm not ready to drop today. where did the energy come from? it must be baby magic.


speaking of baby magic, have you read psalm 139 lately? amazing. my plan is to spend the next weeks thinking on it. happy monday! let's have an awesome week. only a few to go until baby time!


Kara Gehret said...

Such a great crib! I love it! Where's it from?

summer said...

thanks kara!! it's the Gulliver crib from IKEA. we really like it!- except for all the stickers we had to pull off before putting it together:)

DallasFoSho said...

I have been thinking about psalm 139 lately! in fact i got a tattoo of it! crazy! you look so cute all preggers! Can't wait!

erin elizabeth king said...

yay!! we love our gulliver crib too! now, if we can just get amos to love it as much as we do ; ) you're in the home stretch! praying for you!

Christina said...

Yep. You're definitely nesting all right! I'm just waiting for it to kick into gear for me to make the now-daunting task of cleaning our room and getting the nursery-nook ready seem possible. : )

Nessa said...

We have that crib and love it. Love that room with the angled ceilings. Very pretty. You are looking super cute too!

Lauriel said...

We built our crib this weekend too! Makes things feel so much closer!

Becka Robinson said...

Look how cute you guys are! And I am a bit in love with your slanty ceilings. I always wanted a room like that when I was little. :)

kristin said...

saw that some other people mentioned your crib, but i can't help saying how much we've liked it... baby #3 is still in it- but we're gearing up for switching it for baby #4 (july!). for being so reasonable in price, i've been so happy with how it has held up. we were supposed to use the money we got for our first for mainly the crib, but we used it for a crib, dresser and chair. so worth it! :) - and i'd say that you took advantage of the healthy energy burst quite well. go harms team!

donya gjerdingen said...

We've got the Gulliver crib as well and love it! Been in use for 14 months so far and am getting excited to turn it into a toddler bed someday. Hope you love it as much as we do!

Miranda said...

Ha! Too funny. You are certainly right about the nesting. The crib is lovely as is the sparsely furnished room. Of course you are lovely too. :)

Amanda said...

How exciting Summer!
Thank you for the reminder to read Psalm 139! It was such a blessing this morning!

nataliep. said...

sounds like nesting to me!!
those bursts of energy are so awesome this far along in the pregnancy!
you look super cute with that baby bump! love the pics!

marta said...

best best best family photo yet. can't wait til he/she gets here. oh my goodness, so glad for your nesting days. hooray for tons of energy. xo.



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