June 7, 2011
there's no point in trying figure out this week. what a strange thing it is to wait for your baby.
will it be tonight? will it be 10 days from now? i have no clue. i spend half the time being quietly ecstatic and the other half being completely oblivious; my usual coping method when something huge is on the horizon. it's a good thing i don't know the day or the hour this hugeness will arrive, because i'm not sure how i could handle it. the not knowing is where the luxury lies. i can relax because i'm not in control, and i wasn't given a schedule for this. yay.

i want to remember what i was eating/watching/feeling/doing during this little waiting game, so i'll try to record a few things here and there...


1. i turned on the classic movie channel yesterday to check if i should record anything good and happened to catch the one movie that i've been dying to find! room for one more. grandma recorded this for us once when i was a little girl, and i've never been able to find it again- until yesterday. it's such a sweet film. i love when cary grant has a father role. and i always wonder if people actually laughed at these movies when they came out.
2. sunday afternoon i went into a "see it, clean it" spurt and tried to get each room in our house looking the way i wanted it to, at least at that moment. it felt great.
3. saw the new x-men movie last friday. (grant introduced me to the x-men movies. he's a fan. now i'm a fan.) matinee price + sour patch kids + good storyline = awesome time. i always like james mcavoy.
4. these are a few of my favorite things: smoothies. with pineapple! BLT. sharp cheddar cheese. chicken salad with apples and red onion. salty granola. salty homemade popcorn.
5. i'm still feeling good, pretty comfortable. it's not hard to feel normal still. (does this mean i have awhile to wait?)
6. my lips are staying constantly chapped. weird.
7. the other night we had an around-town date which included filling the car with gas and getting ice cream at the hub drive-in. grant got a heath cone, and i got cookies 'n' cream in a dish- my latest (re)discovery. we drove around the neighborhood while we devoured our treats, discussing landscaping possibilities for our front yard.
8. we're working our way through star wars. 
9. monday morning i got up and decided to make granola before i even ate any breakfast. i never put anything before breakfast. that's how compulsive monday was.
10. too bad i didn't know it was going to be 96 degrees before i had the oven on for over an hour.
10.5. needless to say, we had our first use of the a/c.
11. have you played 7 Little Words? i'm addicted to this game.
12. we listen to "somebody to love" by justin bieber whenever we get in the car these days.
13. i feel like i wander around my house lately- calm- but not necessarily getting a lot done. the computer is nice and distracting. blogging, a welcome occupation for my mind.
..so i might be back soon. :)


Lauriel said...

Haha I think I am getting close to where you are...and I've still got a month to go! When is your exact due date?

Sky said...

Room for One More looks like a cute movie! And the X-Men movies are fantastic - glad your husband introduced you to them!

Anneliese said...

we must have been watching tcm the same day! i don't think i saw this one, but it must have been a cary grant marathon!

summer said...

@lauriel the due date is tomorrow!!
@anneliese i was hoping you were watching :)

Kim said...

I remember that chapped lip deal. Hope you are enjoying some Bert's Bees!

Laura Railing said...

Have you heard the Glee covers of Bieber? SOooo good!! I am in love with Glee covers of songs right now. Gotta love the classic movies!! :-) It's fun to see actors in roles like that! Praying you through the rest of your pregnancy!!

swell.life said...

waiting waiting waiting is the hardest part!!! isn't it crazy to think things could completely turn around in the next few minutes?

i very distinctly remember eating trader joes lava cakes and watching jeff play video games just hours before labor...and wishing i had been cleaning instead!

Carissa said...

My hubby and I have an ice cream place we walk to about a mile away. I love going on date nights there because we do the same thing you do - discuss landscaping options - on the walk home! It's so relaxing to just have that time to dream while we lick our cones. :-)

Kerri Lynne said...

You must be so excited! It's getting so close!

PS: It doesn't really feel like you're at the movies unless you get Sour Patch Kids, does it? My go-to movie candy! :)



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