August 22, 2011

hey guys,
Just wanted to make a declaration of sorts. To you, and to myself. Now that baby Hadley is here, blogging time is stolen time. I still love popping in with snatches of daily life, and of course, our daily food! So, my posting may not slow down, but the words might. The posts may be short and sweet sometimes, but not any less heartfelt. I love blogging! I love that little details of my life are recorded without me having to keep a diary. I love making lists. I love knowing that all my favorite recipes are stored right here and shared with you guys. And I love all of you. But blogging is not designed to be a one-handed sport, which is how I like to be most of the day. (read: baby in my arms!) So here's to some happy, petite-sized posts. :)


Anneliese said...

it took me the WHOLE day to post one little recipe today :)

Emma said...

Petite sized posts are totally fine with me! :) still so stoked your finally back. I discovered your blog while you were away and am so excited to be reading all new posts now - no matter how long or short they are! :)

Marisa said...

One-handed typing is hard! My first didn't want to be put down for the first month or two, so I got to practice doing absolutely everything one-handed. Everything.

You pop in here whenever you feel like it. I think we all understand how priorities change when there's a new babe in the house. :)

summer said...

you guys are awesome!
i knew you'd totally get it :)

Laura Railing said...

aw Summer, of course we understand :-) It's great that you're still even blogging! It's hard to find time with a new little one but thank you so much for doing so! I think we'll all take petite and sweet :-)

Michelle S said...

So happy for you &100% on the same page as you w/ blogging slowing down tremendously. The time goes SO fast though & we need to just soak it up! Enjoy EVERY minute w/sweet Hadley!

Maryclayre Dick said...

Summer, it takes me 4 months to write one blog post! haha...your posts will still be awesome!!

Kelli said...

Short and sweet is just fine. Sometimes few words say all that needs to be said (and a pic or two). Enjoy that sweet baby :)

nataliep. said...

totally understand, summer! you have a ton of loyals, we'll follow you no matter how big the post! love ya!



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