August 22, 2011

can you believe i used to think i didn't like watermelon?


i just cut this one into cubes for Grant and me. anyone else love cutting watermelon? hearing the crack when your slice separates from the melon.. feeling the knife slide.. making a stop-sign shape when you cut the rind away. love it.

ps. remember this post? today Hadley is wearing that striped onesie :)


nataliep. said...

i used to think i didn't like watermelon, too!! but, i love it! we're having it for dinner this week.

Amanda Greer said...

I love watermelon! One of my favourite things from my childhood was when my mom would sit my brother and I on the couch in the living room, drape us each with a big towel, and let us munch away on the juicy snack! Yum!

Kelli said...

I adore watermelon and just had some yesterday. That picture makes me want to pick up another.

kristin said...

i just cut watermelon yesterday. although i did enjoy the sounds it made while cutting, i am not a fan of it... it's like it doesn't know what flavor to have so it's super watered down. yeah... that's why it's called watermelon, right? ;)

Kaitlyn Luce said...

Watermelon has always been, without a doubt, one of my favorite foods. It's the best!

kylee said...

i use to think i didn't like watermelon either. then i had one that was riper than ripe and i loved it. turns out it's just about picking a good one.



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