August 19, 2011



1. first tomatoes from the farmers market
2. getting back to tweeting/blogging!
3. hadley's pouty lips
4. stuff going on in our front yard
5. hearing the cows and sheep across the street at the fair
6. True Grit. i didn't know this movie was going to be so funny! i really liked it.
7. a new pomplamoose video song!!

8. the vacuum (or, rather hadley likes)
9. you guys! thanks for the awesome welcome back! :)

happy weekend.


Nessa said...

Hooray for some landscaping. I hope you show us it all prettied up.

Emma said...

ooooh - what exactly is going on in your front yard? :) loving the new pomplamoose song! They are the best :) I love jungle animal by them.

Hadley loves the vacuum? hehe :) that is so adorable.

ChelseaF said...

So awesome. :) Drake loves that video!

Katie said...

this week i like: that you're blogging again!

Anneliese said...

i am loving seeing your style of photos again.

B LOVED the vacuum too!

Sara said...

thrilled to see that your bits of inspiration are back were missed. your daughter is simply adorable.

Anonymous said...

I like that you are back blogging and sharing. Missed you so. Tomatoes, songs, vacuums, baby lips, fairs, and front yard happenings---Oh, My!

Happy Sweet Weekend to You Three.
Mary Ann in Vermont

Anonymous said...

*Big smile* that you're posting again! And so happy that things are going well with you and Hadley. I was a mess the first 3 months after my 21 month old daughter Anna was born, emotional about having so much trouble nursing and her having reflux and a milk protein allergy etc..., but we survived! So glad that you are doing well and having fun with your new little love!
Take care,
Laura V.
Bergisch Gladbach, Germany

Mom Judy said...

Love the baby face pictures of Hadley! Welcome home and back to blogging.

Becca said...

love the tomatoes and the video. and, your baby! she is precious, and full of expression.
love her!

Christina said...

Ooookay, your tomato photo is officially making my mouth water!

Ang said...

I love that pomplamoose song - it sure gets stuck in your head, though! :)



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