September 12, 2011
we love to make fresh salsa for a quick snack this time of year.. the kind with no heat or canning jars required. (although we like to make that kind too!) the other day i thought the chopping would go even faster if i gave everything a rough slice and tossed it in the blender. so i did. 

it turned out nice, like a restaurant salsa texture, and it was nice to have it done so fast, but i'm not giving up the hand-chopped version either. we like to have some crunch and chunks along with the juice. if you like a smoother salsa, this is totally for you. 


fresh blended salsa

2 medium size tomatoes
¼ green pepper
a few slices of onion (i always just wing it with the onion)
2 tablespoons cilantro
1-2 cloves of garlic
1 tablespoon red wine or apple cider vinegar (i like to mix them)
salt and pepper to taste

roughly slice tomatoes, onion, green pepper, cilantro and garlic. slide into the blender, along with the vinegar, salt, and pepper. just give it a few quick pulses and you're done! i'd recommend adding the tomatoes last, so that they don't hit the blades first and turn into a smoothie :) feel free to play with this mixture, i always just make it work with whatever i have on hand, but this is what i shoot for every time. 


Christina said...

Mmm...YUM! Smooth salsa is definitely my cup of tea (okay, that sounds really weird now that it is out of my head and in writing...), so I just may have to try this! : )

Bridget said...

oh i haaave to try this. for green pepper- you're taking like jalapeno green pepper not like green bell pepper, right?? i'm a newbie.

TheWifeLife said...

I have never thought of smooth salsa before. I am trying this out as soon as I get home!



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