September 13, 2011
did you know that i started a full-time job this summer? yep. it's called nursing. :) there's a lot of overtime and double shifts involved, but the benefits are awesome. one of the super nice things about nursing is that it doesn't get any more simple. you don't need anything. just you and your baby and you're ready to go! but honestly, the ready-to-go part is pretty important. i do have a uniform for this job. being ultra conveniently-clothed has become the way i live, so here are my two favorite items! it's been great not to have to mess with snaps or hooks or anything that fastens. my girl can eat on the spot, and believe me, it doesn't get more simple than this.
the Bandini by Hanes. these are super comfy, soft, and stretchy. straps slide off the shoulder easily. very affordable. i love. 
the Core Cami from the juniors section at Target. who doesn't love a nice cami? they go underneath everything! and who doesn't love Target prices? i wish i had gotten one in every color.

okay mommas, tell me your faves for easy-access attire. and does anyone have any secrets for cold-weather convenience? i haven't had to deal with that yet.


ChelseaF said...

Cold weather=camis or undershirts with a stretchy neck under everything. (I own about 15 different styles and colors, lol) This way, my back/side/tummy isn't exposed to the cold, but I can still wear a cozy sweater or cute button-down. :)

Also, the clippy fasteners on BF bras are my friend..after BF 3 kids, I need the extra padding, underwires, etc. that come with a more "traditional" bra.

Jan said...

I am loving Bravado nursing tanks even more than shelf bra camis for being out or around people because it combines the comfort of being covered with the ease of not having to take off a top layer.

The Webbs said...

ahh i will be returning to nursing a sweet new girl again shortly-longest year of my life was nursing my first. it was so worth all the benefits but hard at times. i dont have any great suggestions for whats comfy in the winter to nurse-but if you find out please let me know. we live in CO now so that would be useful!

my favorite accessory was my nursing cover last time! i always am lucky to get homemade ones by friends but here is a link to great ones. plus you cant forget the boppy! love that as well.

Cheri | Kitchen Simplicity said...

I always wear a zip up sweater when I go out. That way when I nurse I can just find a quite corner and nurse using the sides of the sweater to shield and not have to worry about covering me or the baby. I've never been able to nurse with one hand and my babies have always knocked down the blanket so I find that to be the most convenient for me.

I always loved nursing (maybe not the painful first week). :) I nursed my son until he was a year and plan on doing the same with my daughter. It's such a great bonding experience. Glad to see you're enjoying it too. :)

Christina said...

My go-to cold weather nursing outfits mostly consist of tank tops layered with zipper fronted hoodies and sweaters or looser sweaters. A cute jacket over a tank works well too.

Anonymous said...

I love the nursing tanks from Target. They have quick easy clasps and can be worn under anything. I was able to pair them with almost anything in my wardrobe - winter or summer. I wish I had discovered them with my first but have used them for the last 3!!

nataliep. said...

ok, i just have to say that i love that you watch project runway, soo love that show. and, i'm with you, i ALWAYS wore a cami. they're perfect for all your nursing needs. i did nurse through the cold months and from what i can remember i just covered up with a hoodie in the zipped down the front. easy enough. i never did get lucky enough to find very convenient nursing clothes for going out, though. good luck!

Anonymous said...

I also used Bravado nursing bras under a Plunge v-neck top or dress that pulled to the side easily were the best and camisoles under cardigans were great too. Comfort and accessibility is key. I only just stopped nursing a month ago and am still getting used to the idea that I can wear whatever I want whenever I want now!
Laura V.

Nessa said...

Tanks in the summer and cardigans in over tanks in the winter. My nursing cover too - my little girl was easily distracted so the cover kept her on task if we were in new surroundings.

I wish we had the iPad then... a nursing mama's dream!

rainberry said...

What iPad? What Internet? LOL! My kids were born in 1989 and 1992, before we even had a computer, let alone the Internet! I watched a lot of TV, while I nursed. I didn't miss the Internet, because it just didn't exist for most people yet!

Krysten said...

The same camis you already have, plus a long sleeved t-shirt. You can pull the cami down and the t-shirt up and be pretty nicely covered. I found this set-up SO much easier than conventional nursing tops.

beckyk said...

I loved me some twin sets. Mommy-ish for sure but I loved the side protection like the other readers mentioned and in the colder months it was nice to have something so soft on my baby's face.



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