September 6, 2011

tank top. shorts. sun. stroller. sprawled sleeping baby.

i'm excited for fall, but i could live in summertime forever.
it's supposed to be super nice here all week, so we will be soaking it up and hitting the sidewalk later.

happy tues!


ashley maureen said...

enjoy your week summer! we've got rain here for the next few days, so i am feeling especially domestic and looking forward to all things fall. soak up that sun while you can!! xo

Amanda Greer said...

I wish summer had stayed just a bit longer here. (Maybe it will return?) Right now it's rainy and grey, but I'm wearing a summer dress anyway!

The Webbs said...

this is us every mornin. i am not excited for the snow to return!

Amanda said...

i am soaking up summer so so much. you and hadley are adorable here.

p.s. so glad to have you back into blogging and I'll take it in any way you can dish it out -- small or not. :)

Hannah said...

Hi Summer,
I've been following your blog for a while now but never got around to commenting. I'm Hannah's friend, she told me about you ( Firstly, HUGE congratulations on your gorgeous daughter, Hadley. Secondly, send us some sun, it's getting cold here in the UK! Thirdly, you are a huge encouragement and inspiration - keep blogging! Love Hannah (also new-ish mum to 10 month old Rachel)

Emma said...

Love your sunglasses!!! :) they are super cool. Hadley looks so cute sleeping in her stroller :) Enjoy the sun! :)

Nessa said...

Love her leg kicked out... so cute. Great sunnies.

Elena said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
kristin said...

looks like love! so glad you're enjoying motherhood, weather, and simple clothes. :) i'm wearing some much needed clothing to keep me warm (and i'm south of you! ha) and it's throwing me off figuring out the nursing (again) and long sleeves while keeping up the house!

nataliep. said...

enjoy your summer. you both look sooo cute!!



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