September 1, 2011

so there's a shop in our tiny town that gets a load of organic produce every thurs! i am super excited. i just got on the email list so i can find out what she's going to have ahead of time. last week the cripps pink apples were amaaazing.

happy september! can't wait to go to the orchard and wear jeans and watch football and…. make jar after jar of salsa. mmm. because that is what this month is for, of course. anyone have a food processor i can borrow? :)


Amanda Greer said...

I wish we had a store like that where I am!

Nessa said...

Apple picking is so much fun! That one looks tasty.

Anneliese said...

i'll loan you my food processor in exchange for some salsa :)

Hannah said...

If only I lived around the corner from you instead of across the ocean - I have a spare food processor which I would have happily given you! I hope you find one to help with your salsa making : )

Renee said...

yummmm...i hear homemade salsa makes great Christmas gifts!



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