October 3, 2011
let's catch up, shall we?
how will you remember september 2011? i will remember it as the time when i was hitting my stride.

a few weeks ago i sat indian style in our bedroom, at 10 o'clock at night, tweezing my brows. that's when i knew. if you are choosing brows over sleep, you have definitely hit some kind of post-baby stride. the sleep deficit has officially faded away. yaaaay! my first thought when i wake up is no longer "i need a nap today." i never understood the power, the privilege, of sleeping at night until now. now, i know. that rhythm is essential. getting back to it is like being able to take deep breaths.

and let me tell you about this magic 3 month mark. the weeks sandwiching this phase are full of prizes! sleep, smiles, and naps, squeaks and gurgles too! september was a huge growing month for miss Hadley. for all of us. i think she slept through the night every night! thank you, Lord! she even has a bedtime and sleeps in her own room. wow. we are so spoiled, i know. i love that she is getting so strong and stable- carrying her on my hip is a feeling i've been waiting for my whole life.

so blogging was pretty scaled back during september. life was full, and so were my hands, most of the time. before i had a baby, i didn't understand "two-handed time." now i understand very well! two hands all to myself is an uncommon occurrence; these minutes must be spent very thoughtfully. i am learning so much about being unselfish with my time! speaking of which, has anyone caught any episodes of that new show Up All Night? the one about having a new baby? i'm just wondering, in those scenes where the husband and wife are standing at the kitchen sink chatting, or one is doing laundry and the other is making a meal, or they are staring out the window spying on their new neighbors… so.. where is the baby? always sleeping? :)

one more thing before i hit the sack: you should read this. she's got it. it's exactly what i wanted to write mid-july, if i had only had some time with two hands. i love it!


abbypauna said...

congratulations on becoming a mum and getting your sleep back, miss Hadley is adorable!

Anneliese said...

love the link! mary & i were just talking TODAY about those irrational baby thoughts (about falling, dropping the baby, etc.)hadley gaining her tiny baby independence is so cute! how grown up of her to have a bedtime :)

donya gjerdingen said...

great words, summer. it's so true, all the stuff you don't realize or appreciate before baby comes along. like how they won't really even have a bedtime at first! hooray for hadley growing up. I absolutely love Kerri's words as well. Watching you both experience motherhood through your blogs is truly lovely.

Amanda Greer said...

I was smiling the entire time I was reading this.
"i love that she is getting so strong and stable- carrying her on my hip is a feeling i've been waiting for my whole life." I dream of that feeling.

Nessa said...

This makes my heart happy. I had a tweezer moment... it was painting my toe nails. I remember coming out and showing my husband and he thought I was just excited about the color... not the fact that I kept my eyes open for two coats!

Lauriel said...

We hit our three month mark yesterday. And I'm feeling it too!

erin elizabeth king said...

i loved the three-month mark! i felt like we could actually make it out and about without feeling chaotic. enjoy your sleep! you're right, you are spoiled ; ) so happy for you!



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