October 4, 2011

and we are loving wearing cardigans and plaid!

although we will be changing into a tshirt and flip flops later, because it's going to get to 80 degrees today. :) hey, the mornings are still chilly. that's my kind of fall. i will be giddy whenever the first snow flies.. which, historically, could be any day now, but for now i will take the hot sun! and of course, my bare feet. the day i have to give up my flip flops is a sad day indeed. have you gotten any cider-smelling candles out yet? you know that i have.

isn't our little pumpkin looking so grown up? she will be 4 months in a couple weeks!

we're headed out for a walk, where i will be going out of my way to step on crunchy leaves.
happy tues!


Kelli said...

She is absolutely sweet! Enjoy the sunshine :)

SarahAnn said...

Just started following your blog, and with a photo like that, I'm entirely smitten! All over those cardigans and plaid! :)

Anonymous said...

Weird thing to notice, but I love that paint color in your living room!

Learning to Simply Live said...

AMEN to this post. Fall is the best, but giving up flip flops is a sad day. We have already hit no-flip-flops-anymore weather. But I am loving the crunchy leaves, cider, and for us the grape/apple harvest. It always smells delish here this time of year.

Eeny said...

The two of you are darling.
Enjoy the warm days before the snow =)
Fall has always been my favorite season.

Ashley said...

Plaid is my favorite and your little one is adorable!

Amanda Greer said...

I am so jealous that it's warm where you are! And that is a beautiful picture!

Stef said...

She is so cute! I am loving this weather and fall scented candles too :) I also love the first snowfall, but then want it to be done after the holidays!

The Soul Anchor said...

Aw what a cutie! I love fall because I love warm snuggly clothes.

The Webbs said...

she is just a little darling ball of perfection!!

marta said...

goodness. i love everything about this post. what a happy pair you two are. happy cozying up day. xo.

Anonymous said...

Hadley is so adorable! We had a beautiful warm and breezy fall day here too. The kind where you want to stay outside all day! Hurray for fall!
Laura V.
BG, Germany

Mom Judy said...

Hadley looks so adorable and happy and so do you. Thanks for reminding us how wonderful fall is.



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