October 12, 2011
in the fall, i tend to gravitate toward mellow music and jazzy stuff. i'll be honest: i love enya. she fits fall like a glove. also, harry connick jr. is a regular while i'm making dinner. and norah jones while we're changing the diaper. and you know nat king cole is my guy. but today Hadley and i are listening to these two lovelies.

the bottom window is the 2011 music video from our camp maintenance men- grant included, of course. hadley loves watching these guys! (if you like grease, you might enjoy this.)


Learning to Simply Live said...

Oh thank goodness for this post. I have been trying to come up with fall-type music. I will have to enter these mentioned artists into my grooveshark account and go at it!

kristin said...

i so wish i went to that camp!!! :) that video is crazy cool. and well thought out. loved several of the lines, like the toilets and 'too many rules!'

Carissa said...

What a great video of the guys at camp! So fun! I can see why Hadley loves it.

Amanda Greer said...

The music video is hilarious and so fun!

nataliep. said...

oh wow! i loved the videos! i ALWAYS love the camp music videos, i must confess i hit the replay button quite often. also, the cellists did an amazing job covering coldplay. i really enjoyed!

Riss said...

THANK YOU for bringing 2Cellos into my life!



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