October 11, 2011

can you talk more about Hadley? you are so sweet. thanks for caring. i feel like there are so many people that already love my little girl. she is shooting me a smile as i type this, just so you know. we'll say it's for all of you :) so, honestly, i could talk non-stop about miss Hadley. but i have been keeping the spotlight soft as Grant and i decide how much exposure we want her to have. it's just a personal thing. i will be sharing bits and pieces about her i'm sure, but we are still figuring out what feels like it belongs on the blog, and what belongs with us. i know you guys understand, because you are great like that.

Hadley actually has her own blog now! it's a private one, just a little spot for us to stash photos, videos, and leave her notes and document little things like today we read goodnight moon for the first time. it's so nice that we live in a time where there are such things as blogs. i would never get anywhere with a baby book. i don't even get photos developed anymore.

are you going to post your birth story? the answer is yes! i know, i love hearing how other girls experience the biggest event ever. and i am excited to tell you what it was like for me! the reason you've been waiting so long is two-fold: 1. i've been afraid to tackle it! birth is huge. and personal. knowing what to say and how to mold it into a post is tricky! 2. a story takes time. something i am not rich in right now. it also takes concentration.. a little hard to come by also :) but don't worry, i'm working on it! i've already got the timeline all written up.

any more questions for me? ask away! leave them in my comment box or send me a formspring :)


MeesterMama said...

Yay! I will be excited to read your birth story, LOVE birth stories and especially love reading positive ones while pregnant. ;)

Kelly said...

I totally understand, Summer! I don't share a lot about my son on my blog, just occasional tidbits, and it will be the same with our next baby who is due in a few months. I am not even comfortable putting his name out there.

Laura Railing said...

Putting things on her blog is a great idea. Because, there are companies that will publish your blog like a book for you!

your wishcake. said...

Hurrah! I look forward to reading your birth story. :)

And I think it's a great idea to have a separate blog for Hadley. I know what you mean about baby books and printing photos and such…at this point, I think I'm just going to keep track of everything on my blog (and jotted down in my planner) and splurge on a nice book from Tiny Prints when she reaches one year. I can gather everything from my blog and just transfer it to book-form, hopefully.

Oh, how the world has changed thanks to the internet! ;)



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