December 13, 2011

i have so many happy memories of Christmas Breakfast. (thank you, Mom!) it's my favorite of all my family's traditions. the smell of the eggs baking and coffee perking as we dig into our stockings just slays me. i've always been extra enthusiastic about the morning meal, but then on Christmas.. it's magical.

yes, i think there's something to the idea of combining Christmas with breakfast food. it feels so right. and i love how on holidays, with a houseful of family, breakfast stretches out almost to the cusp of lunch. hence, the beauty of holiday brunch.
this eggy spinach parmesan dish is the epitome of brunch fare. please make it! it's incredibly versatile. you can eat it hot, cold, room temp... you can eat it plain, with a generous slice of monterey jack (my fave), or topped with homemade mayo and Christmas ham. it's already a sister to quiche, but by adding a few things you can turn it into true quiche in a snap. (see bottom of post for recipe)

last friday, my mother in law invited a couple of us Harms girls over for brunch. it was majorly scrumptious, and so fun to have a cozy time together over cozy food at their cozy farm. (with our cozy little babies!) she served us scrambled eggs and sausage, citrus punch, roasted zucchini with parmesan, and her gingerbread waffles. can you imagine a better menu? seriously, if you want to give someone a sweet Christmasy gift, invite them for brunch! make them waffles! they will love it.


spinach parmesan quiche variation:
increase spinach to 1 cup and cheese to ¾ cup. decrease eggs to 3.
to egg mixture add ⅓ cup cream cheese, ⅓ cup milk, and 4 chopped green onions.
bake at 425 for 25-30 minutes. crust optional.

(grain free for me? yes! judy made my waffles out of my butternut batter! isn't she sweet? they were so wonderful smeared with coconut oil and topped with extra extra cinnamon. i felt totally in on the waffle fun.)


Marisa said...

Your photos make me want to try every recipe you post. :) That "flatbread" looks amazing!

kami said...

Looks so yummy. I pinned it...can't wait to try it out!

kami said...

Oh and what a thoughtful family you have! Pretty sure nobody in my life would be so are lucky!

Emily said...

Grandma Judy's waffles are delicious! Mine came out like chewy, rich molasses cookies. mmm-mmmm. Definitely didn't need syrup...I would have eaten the whole batch if they weren't so filling. Thanks for sharing!



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