December 14, 2011

let's stuff our stockings with soap, people. and on that note, can we just talk about how nice it is to be showered? i know about the shower. it is a blessed place. after giving birth, i experienced the phenomenon of showering as a mom. the newness of the newborn in the house had steamrolled me. it was incredible. so amazing! but showering was a needed link to normalcy. the simple soap routine felt like an old friend. my two hands were relieved to know exactly what to do in that realm. the shower became a small luxury spot in my world. so why not get a little fancy with my soap?

i don't know much about soap on a rope, but i do know that i tend to stock up on soap at Christmas. it's a little tradition for me. it just feels like the time of year to do that kind of thing. and i don't mean dial soap. i'm talking about lovely, i'm a baby mom now, i'm splurging soap.

growing up, mom would change out the soap at the sinks in our house during Christmastime. it was such a treat to wash our hands with cranberry ice or fraser fir or some pepperminty variety. this year, i'm getting my Christmas soap from the newest shop on the scene. my sister in law put her handcrafted soap on the market! i am super excited. she just opened. for a couple years now, our family has been spoiled with Heidi's yummy smelling soaps. they are my fave. i even use her unscented bar as my face wash. pop over to
to see her super affordable soaps. i'm getting a few of the rosemary mint and a couple cedarwood. there's even hard lotion bars, too! perfect stocking stuffers. order yours today!

merry Christmas to you, and may all your sinks smell nice.


Kaitlyn Luce said...

Toiletries and smell good things are always my fave. Mmm mm...

Grandma G said...

I already bought some and have them! Very fast shipping! I bought them for stocking stuffers, but they smell soooo good that I'm tempted to keep them for myself! I advise anyone buying to order extras! ;)

Christina said...

I too loooove to get fancy soap for Christmas (my mom used to put it in my stocking all the time!), and I already had some of Heidi's soaps hearted on Etsy!

Liz said...

Mmmmm soap. I can't wait to use up my stock so I can buy some new soaps from Heidi or Apple Valley Natural Soaps. Christmas-y smells are the best.

marta said...

yes. splurging on soap is when i definitely feel like my mom. it's the little details that matter in life. i love good soaps, especially with so much hand washing in winter (and with a big boy using the bathroom)! thanks for introducing us to heidi's shop. the soaps are so gorgeous.

Hannah said...

Summer, these soaps look beautiful! I just bought a candle that's scented with rosemary mint & I love that aroma! I tried to buy a couple of things from Heidi's shop, but sadly, she doesn't ship to England yet. I sent her a message saying I would love to purchase from her, and if ever she'd like to ship internationally, I'll definitely buy some of her products : )
Thanks for sharing this great idea.



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