May 9, 2012
            in case you are reading me in a reader and didn't get to see the new blog banner, here's a little peek. 

Friends! You have no idea how fun it was to hear your familiar comment voices again yesterday. Thanks, everybody! missed you. By the way, if you've never commented before, I still want to say hey! I really appreciate you! (but of course, I would love to hear your voice sometime, too!) Okay, I said we'd catch up. let's get started.

Things I did while I was not blogging:
1. got a new camera lens
2. discovered turnips
3. went on a picnic
4. had a birthday
5. baked a cake (i will be sharing more on this)
6. took some road trips
6.5 snacked on larabars
7. found out about some food allergies*
8. got the new iPad
9. discovered rice pudding
10. saw The Hunger Games and The Avengers
11. decided that tacos are my favorite meal
12. made about 19 pots of soup
13. painted my toenails
14. read a book
15. visited my family
16. wore shorts
17. thrifted some vintage Fire King mixing bowls
18. posted on Facebook (i love that it's like quick-blogging. think i should do a fb page for the blog?)
19. introduced Hadley to Fred Astaire
20. taught the word "no"
21. watched my beautiful, brave girl take her first steps (such a rush)
22. played with cousins
23. went bowling
24. got a haircut
25. received a few pounds of giant California raisins, which were promptly eaten
26. started planning another summer at camp
27. reached 175,000 miles on our car
28. got water in our basement
29. bought new shoes
30. fell in love with the Filpboard app

of course all of these things were just little bits in the bulk. the bulk of what we did this spring was real life! and as a friend wisely told me the other day: life takes a lot of time. we wouldn't be truly caught up if you didn't know about the diaper changing, decision making, mashing bananas, checking the weather, wiping cheeks, kissing cheeks, watching the stock market, staining clothes, clearing the table, emptying the dishwasher, picking up scattered toys, and peeling carrots. just keeping it real. :)

ok, your turn. tell me something you did this spring!

*yep! some food allergies going on for both grant and me. we weren't surprised. not the end of the world. we still love what we eat :) but my recipes might reflect our adjusted diet for the time being. just wanted you to know what's going on! does anyone in your family have food allergies/intolerances?


ellen said...

Which lens?!?

Laura Lewis Blischke said...

Yes, my little girl has Celiac and I have gluten intolerance!

Amanda said...

I completed a teaching internship in a grade 2 class!

Christina said...

I used to have dairy and egg allergies, and my mom is allergic to all meats but wild game and chicken, so my family used to be practically vegan. Thankfully I've outgrown my dairy and egg allergies, though I still have my turkey allergies which my son has inherited. Turkey isn't too bad of an allergy even though there are surprising things that have turkey gelatin in them (i.e. marshmallows and almost all gummy treats). In addition, my oldest son has a sensitivity to nuts. Anyway, that was probably more allergy info than you bargained for.

We've been enjoying the dandelions and sandbox this spring, and I'm learning how to golf! Plus there's all that normal life stuff here too...

Toi said...

I've been planning a wedding and potty training our new puppy/tiny horse.

You're right, life does take up A LOT of time.

I can't wait to get some new recipes. I always go back to your recipes. Most of them are staples in our menu planning.

Toi said...

Oh, and yes! Start a FB page for the blog. That would be so fun!

Anonymous said...

Glad you are back, Summer! I can't wait for some more recipes. I tried making your banana bread and it didn't turn out at all. I'm not sure what I did wrong. Anyway, I have a 8 1/2 month old girl and I'm trying to find a routine for dinner. I love whole, traditional foods, but don't really have tons of time when I get home from work. Again, glad you are back and excited to see new posts.

Whitney Lane said...

Hmm... I found out I was pregnant, graduated from nursing school, and got a job! (And a whole lot of very mundane things in between.)

I have Celiac and shouldn't have dairy, either, but I still do dairy at times. :)

So glad you're back!

kristin said...

i moved for the 9th time in my marriage (only 8 years right around hadley's b-day) and realized how spoiled i had been still being around 2-3 hours of my family. now we're about 11 hours away!

the east coast is pretty different from the midwest, but it's been an adventure.

we're on the early steps of eating healthy. my hubs and i are sort of alternating bad influences. ;) as in, i'm chill one night and he says 'lets have a snack' and we do. the next time it will be the opposite way and we cave. it's bonkers.

Laura said...

I'm so glad you are back!!! And yes, my husband has Crohn's disease. He got tested once, and is literally slightly allergic to e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. So, we just switch things up a lot :)

Kelly said...

Oh three month old is SUPER sensitive, so I've had to cut out gluten, dairy, corn, soy and eggs. Talk about a radical diet change! But it's worth it for a happy, thriving baby! Maybe some of your recipes will fit in with my diet.

nataliep. said...

hi summer!!so glad to see that you're back! i love reading your posts and have been checking it quite regularly in hopes of your return. so, yay! welcome back to blogging!
as for food allergies/intolerance, i'm being tested as of now and am waiting for the results. sorry to read you have allergies. can't wait to read the recipes you guys are going to try!

Elise said...

it seems like it is just turning into spring around here. It's finally getting warm. So we have still been doing wintery things. Knitting, hot chocolating, cuddling, and lots of soup-making!

Anonymous said...

We just found out our little girl (2 years) is celiac so no gluten for her...have no idea where to start in terms of meal planning!
ps - super glad you're back. missed you heaps from across the atlantic!

Hannah said...

Summer, what a lovely catch up list! I'd also love to know what new lens you got for your camera. How wonderful and amazing that Hadley's started walking! This Spring, I have :

Read the Hunger Games triliogy (loved it!)
Watched The Hunger Games
Been to 2 weddings
Visited the town where Shakespeare lived
Taken a last minute trip to Brazil to see my oldest friend and her new baby!

Hannah said...

p.s On the food allergy front, I am grateful that I am allergy free, but wanted to share an inspiring story with you. The pastor of my old church and his wife & 5 children all had an incredible number of intolerances (wheat, gluten, dairy, soya, certain types of natural sugars) you name it, they were allergic. If ever their children ate something they were allergic to, the reaction and sickness was horrendous, Then, in 2005, they were prayed for by a friend who had been healed by God of a gluten intolerance. And, praise God, their whole family were COMPLETELY healed of all their intolerances! You can imagine that the rejoicing in our church was quite incredible : ) In the 7 years since, they have had no reactions to any foods that they were once allergic and intolerant too.
So, be encouraged that allergies don't always last a lifetime : )



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