June 28, 2012

Good morning, yeah, yeah, good morning! woo! Do you know that cheer? It's a classic here at our camp. Just a quick word before I head over to serve cornbread and bacon to the campers...

Hello! Hi! How are you guys?! I can't believe June is ending already. The weather got nice and the campers trucked in and we have been in full swing these past 2 weeks. It's so much fun! I look forward to each new day, with the sweet schedule and the incredible meals and good company. Hadley is quick to run into the pretty camp kitchen with checkerboard floor whenever she gets free of my arms. It's so great to see her becoming one of the little kids at camp. The big kids (us, and the rest of the summer staff) have all been extra busy this week filming, recording, and editing for this year's music video. If you're a Hairspray fan, you would fit right in here at Camp Shetek. And you will love the upcoming video!

I'll pop in soon to share some more news and hopefully some recipes too! I have been getting spoiled here with yummy biscuits, pancakes, pizza crust, and cornbread. (all gluten free, if that fits your bill!) We always have several staff and campers that have specific dietary needs- and Judy is so amazing at making great food for everyone.

Miss you guys! Look for me on the rainy afternoons, because otherwise I might be down at the dock or going around the section with Hadley in her red jogging stroller. :)


Anonymous said...

I would love to get to experience this kind of camp life with my babies! I love hearing about the fun things you are doing!

Anneliese said...

i'm so happy that miss H has a red stroller. fits her.

Chiara said...

Please do share some recipes, your recipes always speak family and are so good! Glad you're having a great time at Camp!



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