August 17, 2012
Another camp season, done. Goodbye campers! See you in 2013! 

Hi! Let's get back to this blogging thing!
I hope you guys had an amazing summer. Summer 2012 was such a sweet one for us. It was peaceful, sunny, simple, and scheduled, via the Camp Shetek schedule, that is. Breakfast at 8:30, Dinner (not lunch) at 12:15, Supper at 5:30, Chapel and Free time and Cabin Clean-up and Night games, etc. Schedules are my favorite! And Hadley thrived on it. She is already a camper at heart. Once again, I had high hopes of blogging while at camp... but, alas, naps had to be taken. and books read. and bathrooms cleaned. and cousins played with!

Every summer, camp provides the perfect atmosphere to mix being a grown up with being a kid. It's so awesome! We make up games with our fellow staff members and rent movies and eat late-night snacks, but we also make baby food and pay bills and observe the teething status of our little babes. Kid Me says, "Let's just go, go, GO, and not miss anything and stay up late every night!" and Grown-up Me realizes: "Camp life is non-stop and really exhausting! I need a nap before I burn out." :)

All said and done, this summer was a brilliant mix of rest, work, and play. I didn't want camp to end. I hated to see the dock come out of the lake and the canoes and picnic tables tucked away for the year. But I'm also completely excited for a new season, the farmers market, and everything fall! Also a tad excited for back to school supplies, but certainly not school itself. Well, more coming soon-- we just moved home 2 days ago so we are still settling in. It's amazing how much stuff we have. The toys. Wow. We haven't been married that long or had babies very long, but I already want to throw away half of the contents of our house. (Ok, maybe not half.) If you need me, I'll be trying to figure out where things belong in my house...

It feels so good to be back here! (meaning my house and my blog.)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fabulous summer!
When we first got married we moved out of state with all our things packed in a 4x6 trailer. 10 years and twintoddlers later...let's just say I think we'd need 5 semi's to move!
I look forward to reading you soon:)

beckyk said...

yay, you're back! each year I get more and more excited to send our little one to camp someday :-)

Amanda said...

So happy you're back and that you had a great summer! And Hadley looks so big in that photo!

Chiara said...

So happy you're back to blogging! Sounds like you had an amazing summer, I hope the new season will be just as wonderful.



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