June 3, 2012

Dear Kitchen,
We are moving to camp for the summer today. I will miss you. I will miss your sunny, water-splashed window and seeing the neatly-mowed backyard. It's been another great school year together. I've come to enjoy our dishwashing times together, as long as I can play some big band music while I work. I'll pop in some Saturdays throughout the summer just to grab the mail, and you'll smell funny but familiar to me. Like you've been baking in the sun; no air conditioning turned on and no one to clean you or make a mess. You'll just be stale and empty, and hopefully ant-free. But when I get back it will all be worth it. I always come back from camp with renewed eagerness to use you! I'll bring groceries and flowers.

Until August,
Your devoted proprietress

Dear Blog,
We don't have to say goodbye for the summer. Yay!
See you at camp! 
Your author


A Wife and her Carpenter said...

I'm glad you put the "dear blog" at the end. I was hoping we would catch a few glimpses of camp this summer! :)

I can't wait for the maintenance guys song!

Mary Ann in Vermont said...

Dearest Summer!

I would *love* to know what food processor you purchased. I saw that your beautiful sisters & sister-in-laws gave you the lesson to have one! There are just so many out there, I would so love to hear which one you left in your sweet kitchen for the summer!

Love and Thank You,
Mary Ann



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