May 31, 2012
last summer, me by the new fire pit the Maintenance Men built
Camp Shetek Summer Staff, 2011 (the camp family. we live there all summer.)

I remember being a camper. Whenever we sleep with the air conditioning turned off and the window by our bed open, I'm taken back to sleeping in a camp cabin. I remember the feeling of laying in my bunk, surrounded by unfamiliar girls who will soon be my friends, wondering what they'll serve for breakfast, exhausted from a day of playing hard in the sun, and so thankful for any whisper of a cool wind from the open windows. I remember what it felt like to wake up in the chilly morning air of the quiet cabin.. I would try to move soundlessly in my sleeping bag and get ready to bolt to the bathroom when the morning bell rang. Totally camp. I hope you guys have campy memories too.

For a more in-depth camp flashback, you can read this one. It's one of my favorite chapters of my own history. And for those who will ask: Yes! I am eventually, someday, definitely going to finish writing our love story! I promise!

This will be my 7th and Grant's 26th summer at Camp Shetek, but it's still just as exciting as the first! Hey, remember last summer when we moved out to camp after I had just had a baby 9 days ago? Wowwwww. That one was crazy! (Note: newborn babies and camp schedules are basically like oil and water.) Someday I will tell Hadley how she was a camper from the very, very beginning! And if you're wondering what camp will look like for us this year, here's the story:

Grant's role: Maintenance Man (lawn mowing, weed whacking, water front tasks, etc), Videographer (in charge of filming/producing the weekly camp video), Mail Call officiant, Skit Night MC

Summer's role: part-time kitchen girl (serving meals to campers), part-time nanny to Hadley's cousin, some cleaning tasks, camp laundry, evening food prep for tomorrow's breakfast  

Hadley's role: being cute, learning words, growing teeth, looking for Champ (the camp dog), figuring out if the lake is scary or fun

Want to send a camper our way? Visit the Camp Shetek site and find out more! It's seriously the best camp ever. 
(I am biased.)


Chiara said...

It's always so nice to read your posts about Camp! Reminds me of my own summers up in the mountains. Will it be possible to write you a postcard or something while you are there?

Kaitlyn Luce said...! I am missing it so much this summer. After three summers of counseling, how can I not?

Hannah said...

oh summer, i have camp fever so bad after reading these words! i made oatmeal caramel bars yesterday i've got it bad.

i'll be missing everything about camp this summer!

Renee said...

love the fire pit! don't remember seeing it last year...I will HAVE to find it this year!

erica miller said...

gosh, this SO reminds me of the camp i went to growing up and through high school. i actually met my husband at camp, too. love camp.

Bridget said...

this looks so fun. what a cool summer for hadley! and you guys.



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