June 7, 2012
We got Eric Hutchinson's latest album to be our soundtrack for Summer 2012. It's full of good boppy, sing-alongy songs. Perfect for summer car rides. And every song is good. and Hadley is learning to dance to them.

Tell me your favorite songs for this summer! 
I am not opposed to getting a few more.


Christina said...

Owl City is some of my favorite summer music. : )

TheWifeLife said...

I just discovered Freelance Whales, and I'm loving their album Weathervanes.

TheWifeLife said...

PS - I had never heard of this guy, and now I love him. He will be in my summer playlist as well. Thanks!

Brittany Bennett said...

I have to say that Britt Nicole's new album Gold is at the top of my summer playlist :)

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