August 29, 2012
Out teeny town may not have a Target or a Trader Joe's, but there's a delicious coffeehouse on the corner of main street and the farmer's market is pretty great, too. We don't have a good place to get clothes, but there's a fantastic secondhand store where most of our furniture has come from. There are no stoplights, no walking trails, no tall and gorgeous buildings. Nothing manicured like a suburb.

When I visit the suburb I grew up in, I always notice that the trees look older, neighborhoods more shady, houses are looking dated, shopping plazas are more run-down, and streets are under construction. It hit me while I was on a walk the other night that we don't have that aging issue here in small-town life. The houses are already vintage (most of them super cute), the trees are already wizened old giants, and the shoppes are tucked into main street with big store-front glass windows and awnings from the 1950s. It's pretty nice that we are sort of preserved this way. I love that life here has a do-as-you-please feel to it, with a polite small-town friendliness. And I do love that the roads are quiet, and we can play out in the street on a nice night.


Hannah said...

Hi Summer, it's lovely to see these photos of Hadley having fun outside. I have such happy memories of growing up on a street where it was safe for us to play outside for hours on end and I am sure Hadley will make many happy memories of the time she spends playing amongst the old, wizened trees : )

Christina said...

Your town sounds quite a bit like my town. : ) Little Hadley is getting SO BIG! What a cutie!

Chiara said...

Lovely pictures Summer! I really like small town life, it grants you a freedom that you'd never get in a big city. I also love the feeling of being somewhat stuck in the past.

hannah margaret said...

What a precious babygirl! Love the photos. xoxo

Laken said...

She's growing up!

Storefront Installation Brooklyn said...


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