August 27, 2012
I can see my mom. Standing at the kitchen counter. It's summertime and she's making deep cuts into the peachy-orange middle of a melon. Eating it right out of its shell. I can also see myself- a girl being offered a bite. I take the bite and make a pitiful effort to like it. I decide that melon isn't my favorite, and I go on thinking that for years. And years later....

This August, I fell in love.
It happened at the farmers market. At the table of my favorite vendor, where I shelled out 3 pocket-worn dollar bills and was handed a fat, ripe, fragrant melon. I was told to eat it later that day, because that's when it would be at its best. Later, I sliced it open and was blown away. The smell. It was incredible. It filled the whole kitchen. I stuck a spoon into it and sure enough, it was the best.

And the best way to eat it, of course, is to
1) chill it.
2) halve it with a thick knife.
3) sprinkle with a little sea salt.
4) and dig in with a spoon. no bowl necessary.
Musk melon! Why must they call it MUSK? it reminds me of old lady perfume or a musty basement or mothballs... anyway. I'm just going to call it a melon. And this month's snack is totally salted melon.

What's been your August snack? 


Jennifer Lange said...

In Indiana we call these Cantaloupes. And they're my favourite kind of melon.

shawn said...

i would call it cantaloupe, too! (which typing out, is a very funny word.)

Anneliese said...

(were you shocked to get a comment from shawn?! we have been using the same computer so i am not used to signing in & out of gmail!) oops! :)

summer said...

@Anneliese YES! i was wondering if that was you! :) and that is a weird word to type. "loupe" ??

@Jennifer we have cantaloupes, too- the cantaloupes are the perfectly round ones and muskmelon have grooves like a pumpkin! they have a more mellow sweetness and softer flesh than cantaloupe.

Meredith England said...

i can't get enough blackberries this month! it's a problem.

PS - i LOVE your blog! :)

sarah {on the brightside...} said...

That melon does look perfect... yumm!! This month I have been loving peaches!! :)

Christina said...

Oh, yum! That looks amazing. This summer I've been loving blueberries and clif bars, but not necessarily together. : )

Renee said... must try it with pepper as well!! Grandma always had her melon with pepper...and, like you watching me, i watched her in disgust! day tried it! lOVE IT!

i dare you!

Sharon said...

We've been eating a lot of canteloupe (or was it muskmelon?) and plums this month.

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

sounds perfect!



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