October 25, 2012
This morning Grant told me this was waiting for me outside.
yaaaaaay! First snow of 2012. I love a good pre-Halloween snow! It lasts just long enough to be a sweet taste of what's to come. By tomorrow, it will all be gone. But we're milking it today! My Christmas playlist is playing, baking plans are in order, soup is on the stove, White Christmas may get put on later.. who knows?! The world is a different place today! 

Oh, and speaking of Halloween...
I brought out the candy destined for our neighbors' kids. I love that my baby has no idea that this is "food." It's an awesome toy, though! We have been organizing and dumping and getting our money's worth out of this stuff. If we aren't going to eat it, we might as well play with it! and.. confession: I love the smell of candy when it's still in the wrapper. You remember it don't you? There's a faint aroma when you dump out the contents of your trick-or-treating.. the scent of sugar penetrates the plastic.. the chocolate-mixed-with-the-fruity fragrance. Totally sickening, but I can smell my wonderful childhood- right there in that pile of candy. 

What's going on at your house today? And do you secretly love the candy stench??


Sarah said...

Its not snowed here yet in Wisconsin but we did start playing Christmas music in band for our next concert. That is exciting. Sounds like you are having a cozy day. I love it.

sarah {on the brightside...} said...

Oh, the snow is so pretty! We are supposed to get a little bit tonight!! Perfect for listening to Christmas music!! :)

tuttut said...

Love it! We got about the same amount of snow today in Utah. My 15 month old twins think candy is a toy, too. I cant wait to take them trick or treating. They dont get the candy but the experience should be fun :)

A Wife and her Carpenter said...

SNOW! Oh how I long for our first day of snow here. I swear...it was 80 degrees today. That is exceptionally rare for this time of year. Usually we are just on the cusp of our first snow. Send some our way please!! :)

emily o. said...

Oh, I am jealous of your snow! Our leaves are mostly gone and I'm just waiting for the first snow here...often that's not until December (or Jan) for us, boo.



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