October 22, 2012
If this isn't brilliant, I don't know what is.
Honey + Vanilla beans + sitting in the sunlight for a couple weeks. That's it! This simple pairing produces an aromatic concoction ready to use in cups of tea, ice cream, yogurt, milkshakes, and baking. It's especially nice for me because I prefer to use raw honey in almost all of my baking now. It's such a versatile and nutrient-rich sweetener. Let's say you're making muffins and your recipe calls for honey and vanilla extract- you can omit the vanilla extract when using this vanilla-infused honey because that lovely flavor is already there. So nice! 

Did you know that this can be considered a "health food"? Um, yes. Raw honey is an enzyme-rich superfood with loads of benefits and vanilla beans are packed with b-complex vitamins. Treat myself to a chai latte with a spoonful of vanilla-infused honey, you say? I don't mind if I do. Every day. (This would make a great remedy for a sore throat!)

Vanilla-Infused Honey

1 quart raw honey 
2 vanilla beans

With a small, sharp knife, make a slit down the length of both vanilla beans. Peel back the sides and slide the non-sharp side of a knife all the way down to scrape out the seeds. Add seeds to the jar of honey. Cut the vanilla pods into thirds and toss those in the jar as well. Stir well. Infuse your honey in a sunny window for 1-2 weeks. Taste occasionally and when the vanilla flavor is strong enough for your liking, store wherever you normally keep your honey. The seeds will float to the top, so stir well before using.

or drizzle on top of pancakes and waffles!

Thank you to Caroline over at Gutsy, for this lovely-smelling and very practical idea.
I bought my vanilla beans from Beanilla- where they are having a super duper sale: 25 Madagascar beans for $25 + Free Shipping! Go get some!


Michelle {lovely little things} said...

sounds delicious! can I please steal that and put in my afternoon tea, stat!

Chiara said...

I am drinking chai lattes for the first time in my life! I followed your recipe changing only a few spices (I used what I had on hand) and it turned out awesome! the whole house smelled wonderful for a day, I loved it!

Laura @FoodSnobSTL said...

Where do you get such large quantities of raw honey?



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