November 14, 2012

Where will you be next week at this time? on The Day Before Thanksgiving. Will you be out there with the best of 'em grocery shopping? Will you be stationed in the kitchen with a check list and crowded counters, whipping up make-ahead salads and pies? Will you be at your desk, wishing it was 5:00? Will you be company, or will you have company? Will it be you and yours around your own table or will you be on the interstate headed somewhere familiar? Will you be at your sister's, admiring her lovely home? Will you be dropping off luggage in your childhood bedroom, knowing that your mom is making dinner and you can relax? Will you have the newspaper ads spread out and Black Friday plans in full swing? Tell me! 

As for me, I'll be packing up the car with Grant and traveling to Nebraska to be with my family. I'll be making a pie in my mom's kitchen and seeing my new nephew and trimming the big tree. 
Wherever you are, I hope you'll be "home" for the holidays. 
I hope there will be traditions and sweet conversations and leftovers and thankful hearts!

Now let's fill up that pecan crust from yesterday, shall we? This luscious pumpkin pie is made with silky coconut milk and wholesome sweeteners, and most importantly, it's coated with chocolate!! Because if you're going to make pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, why not make it historic? I warn you: this pie is rich. Cut conservative slices for post-Turkey eating and larger slices with leftovers.

Chocolate Pumpkin Pie 
(gluten, dairy free/ unrefined sweeteners)

1 1/2 cups pumpkin puree
1/2 cup coconut milk (the full-fat kind. I buy this stuff. It's BPA free!)
2 eggs
2 tsp. cinnamon
1 tsp. ginger
1/4 tsp. nutmeg
1/4 tsp. cloves
1/4 tsp. allspice or cardamom
1/2 tsp. sea salt
1/2 cup coconut sugar or 1/3 cup honey*

*Use whichever sweetener is easiest for you, or use a mix! Coconut sugar has a lovely mapley taste, but honey is sweeter with a touch of acidity, which I love. Feel free to make the call. 

Add all ingredients to a food processor and blend well. Pour into prepared (unbaked) pecan pie crust and bake for 45-60 minutes at 350 degrees. Pie is done when center is set, but it will still quiver a little like gelatin when you nudge the pan. Let cool completely before adding chocolate layer. 

Chocolate Layer 
(pictured here is a chocolate pudding-y layer, but this chocolate shell recipe works better)
1/4 cup cocoa + 1/2 cup coconut oil + 1/2 tsp. vanilla + 3 T. honey
Combine ingredients in a small pot and place over low heat. Heat, stirring, until everything is just melted and remove from heat. Spoon over cool pumpkin pie and place in freezer for 20 minutes. Eat immediately or store in the fridge until ready to eat. 

NOTE: Store leftover coconut milk in a pretty glass bottle in the fridge. Add it to soups, coffee, tea, milkshakes, etc. 

I really would love to hear what your plans are for the holiday-- Tell me in the comment box!


Rachel Lundy said...

Hi Summer! Your pie looks delicious!

My family (parents and one sister) are coming up for Thanksgiving week. We are looking forward to their visit. I'll be making pumpkin pie and pecan pie. I'll leave the rest of the cooking to everyone else. :)

Have fun at your parent's house. I know it will be great to see your new nephew!

Josie said...

my parents live down the street and for the first time my mom is not hosting..i almost cried about us missing out on our morning traditions
we decided she is going to come to my house in the morning we will watch the parade, make cinnamon rolls..the turn up the christmas music and finish the dishes we are brining to my aunts.. i love thanksgiving morning with my mom and am so excited for my daughter to start taking part..she is 1 and I already bought her a thanksgiving apron...
i love love this holiday weekend late nights with the family, games,lots of good food, black friday shopping, decorating for christmas..i could go on and on

EliseBlaha said...

so fun.

I think I am going to use your crust but make a simple cheese cake on the inside. It seems like it would work out just fine...

Next week at this time, I'll be prepping the house - we are hosting our immediate families this year. It's just eight people total, but will be so nice to have guests. My shopping will be done. It will just be a lot of prep work on Wednesday. I'm so excited.

xo. and happy thanksgiving!

Renee said...

i hope you will be making THIS pie in my kitchen next week! can't wait to try it!

sarah {on the brightside...} said...

Wow!! Looks amazing!! I will be watching the parade & cooking with my mom & sister on Thanksgiving morning! Then the rest of my family will come over for dinner. And then we will play games, like we do every year! I can't wait!

I hope you have safe travels & a Happy Thanksgiving!! :)

summer said...

Oh you guys, I am loving hearing all of these fun plans!! Keep them coming!
@elise- that sounds like it will be insane. :)

Meg said...

oh my - that looks delicious!

Meg said...

oh, and i will be in my own kitchen prepping food - probably making a lemon meringue pie. cooking for the people i love the most is one of my favorite things to do! this is why thanksgiving is my favorite holiday :)

A Wife and her Carpenter said...

Mmm...can't wait to try this!

This time next week, my husband and I will be at our dear friends' house acting as surrogate children, while they act as surrogate parents to us! :)

It's funny that we can both play fill-ins for each other while our relatives are out of town. God provides!

erin elizabeth king said...

I will definitely be making this pie next week! We'll have Thanksgiving at my mom's and my sister will get to come home from college : ) My aunt and cousins will also be joining us, as my uncle is deployed right now. We all take turns preparing our "specialty" in the kitchen. I'm making a green bean casserole this year with a raw goat's milk "cream of mushroom" soup and crispy fried onions. My brother won't be able to join us, so we're still trying to decide who gets to make the turkey! : )

Anneliese said...

this time next week we will be getting near the end of our "turkey trot" down to kansas to be with shawns side of the family. i will be toting along pumpkin pies in a real pie carrier!

i might go along with elise & try this crust with a simple cheesecake filling. i have an aunt with a gluten allergy so i would love to have a surprise dessert for her!

Hannah said...

This looks delicious! I never thought to combine pumpkin pie and chocolate. My husband, baby boy and I will be in Nebraska next week visiting my family soaking in all that family time! Probably lots of card playing and a few runs with my sisters too. And maybe I'll make this pie for thanksgiving day:)

Marilyn said...

At first I was feeling a little bummed because we won't be with family this year because my husband and I are both working. Then, I started to think about how thankful I am for them. So now I've got some fun ideas brewing about how to share some virtual thanks. :-)

Whitney Lane said...

we're having a small thanksgiving... just me, Shawn, and Shawn's mom (and maybe a couple friends) while the rest of my family is in Ohio at my grandparents' house celebrating. it's happy and sad - happy because, hello, we have a beautiful brand new baby! which is why we can't travel. sad because it's an every year tradition to be in ohio. it will be sweet though, i'm sure. :)

emily o. said...

We will be headed to Minnesota to spend the holiday with my husband's family. :) I am keeping my fingers crossed for snow while we are there! Although I know it's unlikely.

Also, I'm making this pie today! It's in the oven and smelling sooo good.

Anonymous said...

can i use coconut creamer instead of milk?

Harmonie Demos said...

I found your recipe through Pinterest and made it today for my husband's and my first Christmas. It was absolutely delicious! Cheers to a new year full of love, joy, and laughter!



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