November 15, 2012
Girls. We need to talk. Last time I got my hair cut (a few weeks ago) I asked for a Malibu Treatment and it changed my world. They rub some gel in your hair, you sit under a dryer for awhile, wash it out, and poof! Awesome hair. Have you heard of this? Do you get it done? Let me enlighten those who are unfamiliar...

A MALIBU TREATMENT will remove excess buildup in your hair caused from hard water and water softeners. It strips calcium, iron, and impurities that are saturating your helpless strands.. sometimes making them look dull or change color. 

I could tell a difference immediately! My hair was softer, shinier, and lighter. It amplified my natural highlights and made me excited about my untouched-tresses again. Oh, have I forgotten to tell you?? It's been over 2 years since I got any highlights! Maybe not a big deal.... but BIG DEAL. Right?! It's exciting and Grant loves it. He's always liked my darker side. I like it too, and now I feel like it's darker hair done right. Afraid to go natural? You should try it. I think it's the "in" thing right now, anyway. At least that's what I heard from Joey Maalouf.
The Malibu was $16 at my salon. Not bad, but I think I'm going to look into buying the product myself and just bring it with me next time I get a hair cut. I've heard you can do that?? Anyway, I highly recommend this for you guys next time you want to splurge at the salon. 

Oh, and some of you guys were asking about my navy nail polish in this picture. It's Midnight Cami from Essie, and I got it here for about $6. I love it! I have a hard time spending money on polish, but this is my first bottle of Essie and I can tell you it's worth the extra buck. 


ashley maureen said...

have not heard of the malibu treatment but i will look into it! i am all about spending the extra buck on nice nail polish because i find it goes on nicer and stays on longer! glad to hear you love the essie.

Emily said...

I can't believe that's your natural hair color! It's gorgeous! I actually showed my sister (who is my stylist) that picture from your post a few weeks ago because I'm thinking about going more natural too!

Rachel said...

what salon did you go to summer? :)

Whitney Lane said...

LOVE your hair!! beautiful! can't believe it's natural, too!

lindsi said...

i love getting a malibu! i have blonde hair as well, and it makes such a difference! i'm getting a long overdue treatment again in a few weeks, and can hardly wait:)
also, yay for essie! i'll have to try that color.

Amanda said...

You are gorgeous! And Essie nail polish is fantastic! Def worth the extra money!



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