November 30, 2012
One last thankful to share on the last day of November. 
I'm going to talk about Grant for a second.It's Friday afternoon, he's at work, I'm here at home missing him, looking forward to a weekend together, it's not hard to do. Grant helps me.
He'll trim the baby's nails. or bangs. He'll trim my bangs. 
He takes out the garbage and always comes with me to get groceries.
Makes any annoying phone calls that need to be made.
Makes stir fry. or scrambled eggs.
Makes Sunday mornings before church not stressful. 
Takes Hadley to run errands so I can get a few things done around the house.
He has been helping me with the shop, 
keeping track of inventory and running to the post office.
He cracks my back. 
He will look at any project I'm working on and give me his opinion.
I can talk to him about girl issues.
I just love his unflinching attitude about everything.

How does your husband help you?


Whitney Lane said...

I love this!

My husband...
drives our trash to the dump
prays with me
gets up with the baby on weekends and lets me sleep
does a way better job keeping our house clean than I do :)

what a gift our husbands are!

Laura @FoodSnobSTL said...

My husband kills ginormous spiders that somehow make it in our house! I'm very grateful for it!

Marilyn said...

Lovely. I was just thinking of your post this morning. I couldn't find my driver's license and told my husband, "I think I'me having a bit of a panic attack..." He quickly sprung into action and helped me find it. And he did it with lots of hugs and comforting words. I love him. :-)

Sharon said...

I love this list.
My husband's best help to me is how grace-giving he is.

Kerri Lynne said...

Too cute! Dan always cracks my back the best. I've really missed it during my pregnancy, though! :)



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