December 3, 2012

Happy December, everybody! I am in love with our house right now!! We decked our halls over the weekend and Christmasing is in full swing over here. 

1. Sunday Dinner at our merry table. Roast beef, garlic carrots, and acorn squash.
2. Watching Little Women while playing with my little woman.
3. Wreath on our coat closet.
4. A tiny Christmas painting by yours truly. 
5. Vintage poinsettia tablecloth thrifted last Friday. 
6. Current favorite book. Santa reminds her of Grandpa.
7. Bought The Family Stone so I can watch it 25+ times.
8. If I'm at home, I'm never without these slippers nowadays. 
9. The first of (hopefully) many naps under the Christmas quilt.
10. My favorite sight. The view from my cozy spot on the couch.

instagramming @summerharms

And I haven't even started any baking or wrapping yet! so much cheer to come!
How are you getting ready for Christmas this week? 


Shanna said...

ahaha, I was just telling Tim that Family Stone is the Christmas Movie I can't stop myself from watching over and over again!

Anneliese said...

LOVE love those slippers! we are still in the decking the halls process--but we did dig out the christmas books--we love talking about baby jesus!

MeredithB said...

good gracious those boots are adorable! would you mind sharing where you purchased them?

we're doing lots of hot chocolate drinking this week to get ready!

Josie said...

love love this post
the family stone - must have holiday movie..its the one i always seem to watch when addressing cards...
and how cute is H reading her christmas book
and i must say i love the look of colored and clear lights!



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