November 19, 2012

Happy clementine season, guys! They're in the grocery stores! Okay, are you ready for Thanksgiving week?!! After a weekend of seeing Edward and Bella on the big screen (with a husband who was just as excited as me), filling up a shopping cart with essentials and luxuries and being able to pay for it, and seeing my little one playing happily at Grandma's house like such a big kid, I'm feeling very thankful. Yes. Dates and sufficient funds and cheerful babies. These are definitely things I am thankful for. This Thanksgiving, I'm thankful to be right where I am. Thank You Lord, for putting me right here. Thank You for placing me in this phase of family, with this husband, with these responsibilities, in this body, in this house, in this town.

I'm thankful for specifics..

That traffic is not a part of my life.
That we don't have too many places to go. Home is where I thrive.

That I feel so much better, stronger, and more energetic than last year.
That my husband loves me and wants the best for me. (even when I forget this)
For a girl just like me, right next to me.
For the time after dinner when I do the dishes and listen to them play wrestlemania.
For people that I love talking with.
For 2 bathrooms in our house. Upstairs and down.
For good food. For healing.
That I miss my daughter after she goes to bed.
For a simple, sweet daily routine. (routine! I love it.)
For a husband that I respect and trust and enjoy.
For the fun little shows that are part of our time together in the evening.
For baking. For banana bread.
For enough time to take showers and sleep.
For peace that stays with us, even though we have problems.
That God is in control of all the intricate functions of our bodies.
For a family full of brothers and sisters in Christ.
For hard work, and the initiative to do it.
That we don't have too much.
For His faithfulness.
For strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow.
For blessings all mine, with 10,000 beside.

(From Spurgeon. I love this.)

What are you thankful for about where you are right now?

Oh, and last week I said that I have something to tell you... 
Come back tomorrow and find out!


Elise said...

oh that quote is so beautiful. My husband and I are transitioning out of a place where are hearts were wandering elsewhere, longing for community and missions into just that, I know our hearts will soon find peace.

Tesa said...

LOVE this post, Summer.
I, too, love being home. I am thankful for that contentment~ it truly is a gift from Him.

Chiara said...

I am thankful for all the people who love me and for all the people I am given the chance to love. I am thankful because I have a home where I feel safe and because I have more than what I need. I am also thankful for your beautiful and sweet words!

nataliep. said...

thank you summer! this really spoke to my heart and brought tears to my eyes. one thing i am super thankful for is your blog. it is always a tremendous source of encouragement and a true blessing. love you cousin!

Ang said...

I know I'm really behind here, but I just wanted to say, that quote was exactly what I needed to read RIGHT now - so cool how the Lord does that; thanks for posting it. :)



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