November 27, 2012
Now I love Larabar even more. They very sweetly sent me a super cute apron and a sack full of my favorite Larabars! All because they saw my post where I made my homemade version of the peanut butter & jelly bars. Wow. Sure, I'll take some free stuff! Do you #diylarabar? They might send you some, too! Oh, you need a good recipe? Try this super simple, super fudgy recipe next.

These were well-liked with my fam when I brought them to our annual Deer Hunting weekend. I'm definitely making them again. It's so nice to open the fridge and cut one of these for a quick snack. I usually need a bite while I'm preparing dinner because I am just so hungry. Pre-dinner fugde is fitting during the Christmas season, anyway. Happy snacking! 
Homemade Walnut Fudge Larabars

1 cup walnuts
1 and 1/3 cups dates*
1 tsp vanilla extract
pinch of sea salt
3-4 T. cocoa powder

Pulse walnuts a couple times in a food processor, then add remaining ingredients to the processor bowl and pulse until it forms a ball of "dough." Roll into truffle size balls and chill. Or press into a small pan, chill, and cut into bars.

*Medjool dates are awesome but can get spendy. I've been using SunMaid dates which you can find by the prunes and raisins in the grocery store. I usually put them in a small pot with a tiny bit of water and warm them up until water is steamy and they're nice and soft before adding them to the food processor.

I'm planning a peppermint version of these with my Christmas baking! Stay tuned!!


Renee said...

wow! how nice of Larabars to send you SWAG!! can't wait to try these "fudgy" ones!

Marisa said...

I love fudge with walnuts! Can't wait to try this healthier version. And I'm definitely looking forward to the peppermint one!

Mariel said...

Just saw Show and Tell on Creature Comforts – one of my FAVS! So fun and congrats!

Toi said...

I made your peanut butter jelly bars all summer. They were my favorite snack. I'm dying to try the peppermint ones! Can't wait for that recipe.

Aunt Kayleen said...

Oh my stars, Summer!! I just made these using your peppermint suggestion!! They are divine!! I think I like this better than "regular" fudge. I kid you not!!



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