January 3, 2013
Having a week of being together and waking up at the same time and eating every meal side-by-side... I love it. It's one of my favorite things. We kicked off our holidays with a date! We went to The Hobbit and grocery shopping. Then we had a day of getting the house ready, deep cleaning the kitchen and even clearing out the fridge. It felt so nice. Sunday night we caroled around town with the Harms clan. This year, my father-in-law rented a school bus for us all to pile in together! Christmas Eve we spent with the Harms family with games and Christmas tacos. Christmas Day we celebrated at home just us 3, we had a grand breakfast and opened gifts and recorded 2012 events in our little black book, and slept by the tree. Then a day later we traveled to Nebraska to celebrate with my family and do lots of shopping and game-playing. 

1. singing by the tree at the Harms Christmas | Hadley and I bundled up for caroling
2. breakfast on Christmas Day | the boys playing one last game of Fumble-rooski at the farm
3. a long, long table of taco feasting on Christmas Eve | seeing The Hobbit on my date with Grant
4. watching old family slides on the big screen | a snowy drive to Nebraska for more Christmasing
5. my childhood stocking | a pretty package from my friend Amanda in England
6. Mom's monkey bread | a still-decorated, well-heated home (note the extra heater under the table)

The food (a random assortment of things we ate over the holidays): chicken soup, Christmas tacos, cranberry pecan cake, these chocolate chip cookies, scrambled eggs, sausage, & roasted zucchini, fresh orange juice, wassail, burgers, guacamole, clementines...

Some of the gifts we received:
Grant- the Amplifiear, Dangerous Journey, vintage leather duffel bag, new clothes, money toward a new sound system
Me- handmade soap and bag from a sister, curling wand, a pretty white robe, expensive shampoo, a real crock for making my sauerkraut, new underwear, and It's A Wonderful Life
Hadley- a wooden mixer, pounding block, and puzzle, new boots and books, a puppy (not a real one), and a miniature foosball table

What did you get for Christmas?


Laura @FoodSnobSTL said...

I got a sewing machine, which I cannot wait to use!!

Nessa Bixler said...

New food processer! My hand-me-down but the dust this summer.

Tesa said...

LOVE Dangerous Journey! There is a well-loved copy in our home!



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