February 4, 2013
Hey guys, how was your weekend?
We spent ours working on projects (new laundry area in the basement, new stuff in my shop), cycling through messing and cleaning up the kitchen, staying for the business meeting at church, Sunday dinner with 20 of the Harmses, napping, muffin baking, hair cutting, and Super Bowl watching.

Somewhere in the weekend mix, I also designed and put up a new blog banner for February. I may have to update my headers more often, because I love making them too much. If you have an idea for a new banner for your lovely blog, let's talk! I'm officially designing them now. (Just did some last week and it was so fun!) You can talk to me at summer.harms@gmail.com or select the Blog Banner item in my shop.

In other news, we're moving on to Promise #4 this week. You ready? If you haven't started this little game, you've only missed 3 verses, so jump on in! And the memory cards will go on sale later this week!!

P.S. Today I wrote out the recipe for my basic chicken thighs and carrots to someone who asked for it on formspring. If you need a menu idea come mid-week, this is one of my faves. I like to slide in a pan of sweet potatoes on the side. (peeled and chopped into cubes, drizzled with olive or coconut oil, and sprinkled with salt and minced garlic.)


Ang said...

oh my, Summer - how do you do it? With my kiddos in tow, I can barely keep up with posting once or twice a week on my blog (although I do love doing it) - and that's with having my parents around to help! Kudos to you. :)

p.s. the shop looks GREAT - keep it up!



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