February 25, 2013
Someone once asked me on formspring what do I splurge on? I've never forgotten this question. I'm not a big spender and I don't splurge on much... Honestly, I am really cheap. I enjoy saving and investing, and the sort of shopping I really like is thrifting, clearance racks, and leaving the store feeling like I got a great deal. I'm the type of girl who feels burdened to make every penny count towards something sensible. And I'm a sucker for practical gifts.

The things I AM willing to pay big for are easy enough to explain. Simply good food, good running shoes, and good computers. (Apple products.) Sometimes when I find myself with a little spending money, one of my guilty pleasures is buying grocery store gifts. You guys are into these, too, right? Who among us has grown out of the thrill of picking a treat at the store?! Well recently I've been saving up a bit of money to buy a couple foodie gifts for my kitchen. Maybe they're no big deal to some people, but they are pretty exciting to me.

Finally! I splurged and bought some sprouted flour from To Your Health Sprouted Flour Co. I've been thinking of getting some for a lonnnnng time. You guys know how much I love sprouty stuff, not to mention baking. I picked brown rice flour and corn flour for now, someday I hope to try more. I've already made banana bread and pancakes with the rice flour, and cornbread is on the docket. 

Got us a big jug of organic Grade B REAL maple syrup!! I've been using honey to drizzle on my pancakes for a couple years now (it was what we had on hand), which is quite good, but not the same as maple syrup. We had our first pancake experience with the new syrup this weekend and OHhhh my. I felt a little like Buster Bluth when he realizes he's been dating an old lady. I had been eating pancakes without syrup. These pancakes were the real thing. If you have a favorite maple syrup source, let me know! 

Why grade B maple syrup? It's the syrup from later in the season and is darker, thicker, richer in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, and even has a stronger, more caramelly maple flavor. Organic grade B syrup does not go through the same refinement process as commercial grade maple syrups, so it has not been stripped of its natural nutrients.

So you guys tell me. What do you splurge on? Have you gotten any little luxuries lately? 
p.s. Don't forget to start promise No. 7 this week! 


Christina said...

We should go shopping together. Your style of bargain hunting sounds *just* like mine. :)

I gravitate toward kitcheny splurges too. Most recently it was a couple of vanilla beans, but I'm also a sucker for loose leaf teas, dark chocolate, and good quality kitchen gadgets (beautiful bamboo wooden spoons? Yes, please!) I'll also occasionally splurge on a pretty pair of handmade earrings. I just got my ears pierced a few years ago, so the whole earring thing is still something of a delightful novelty.

Katie Chapman said...

Summer--just a let-know: we'll be tapping maple trees and making syrup out at Shetek Lutheran Ministries from now until the end of March! March 17th is our Sugarbush Boiloff and I can schedule a date for personal pickup at any time! :) nothing beats syrup fresh from the tree!

Katie Chapman

Izy said...

ooh yes! The real maple syrup is the best way to go, pancakes just aren't the same without it :) I tend to splurge at Whole Foods haha; I love the nut-butter grinders they have there so occasionally I'll drop some cash on freshly ground pecan or pistachio butter! Recently though, I treated myself to some coconut sugar - it smells like caramel and coffee - so good!!

marta said...

love this, summer! it is nice to hear that you are always YOU through and through. i had no doubt you were a thrifty mama who enjoys every practical penny. anyway, just popped in to say, yes, i too love a fun find at the grocery store! dan got a giant jug of real maple syrup for his birthday; the only thing on his wish list! such a happy simple man!

me, i love luxurious soaps, brand name makeup and good shoes that will last forever. i also think quality and not quantity goes a long way with clothes and furniture.. looks like i could learn a thing from you.. i am one who loves to splurge! :)

cranny + me said...

Summer! I made it to your blog and I am so glad that I did! I think, from this post, that you and I are alike. Just a few weeks ago, I felt so entirely happy when I brought home a new dish towel that I had been eyeing from my New Seasons market for MONTHS : ) Someone had given us a gift card and I thought, "I'm totally buying my $5 dish towel!". (It has the state of Oregon on it with all of the attractions and special places marked out on it. Love it!)

Also, I had *no* idea about grade B maple syrup-- good to know!

Kris said...

Hi Summer,
I'm a new follower of your blog and love it! I'm also into fermentation and traditional foods.

Splurges? Well, maybe you can help me. I recently got a $150 gift card to the mall. This includes some major department stores. I have been stressing about what to get - it feels like a lot of pressure to pick something that'll last. Sadly, that amount isn't really enough to get much in the way of Le Creuset!
I do need a new food processor.

Katie said...

Hi Summer,

I'm brand new to your blog, but found you through Instagram (crazy world of social media, right?!). I am loving your posts. :)

My favorite splurges are of the food variety, too. Cashmere sweaters? Jewelry? Can I EAT that?! If not, I'm not so interested. My favorites are bars of dark chocolate, quality nut butters, organic greens, good cooking oils, and high-count probiotics.

I'm sure my younger self is gasping at my older self and asking, "Who ARE you?!" Oh, well!

Lovely, lovely blog, Summer.



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