March 12, 2013
This one's for her grandmas and my grandmas, who I hope might be reading today. A peek at this little lady, wearing her first ponytail.

I call it The Age of the Ponytail. I can't believe those days are here already!

Let's see.. what else can I tell you about her life nowadays?
She wakes up around 7 am and goes to bed around 7 pm.
She likes to take my hand and lead me to the kitchen.
She is very quiet (except around Mommy and Daddy), thoughtful, and careful.
If she sees an apple in the story we are reading, she runs to the fridge to get an apple for a snack.
She likes to wrestle with Daddy and laughs the hardest when he tackles her/her stuffed animals.
She'll be 21 months this week.
She is good at recognizing and matching letters.
She's practicing using a fork by herself.
She loves olives and pickles.
She gets excited to get her coat on, take a bath, go to the basement, grab her own bowl from the cupboard, paint at the big table, and hide from Daddy when he comes home from work.
She understands a lot of what we say and likes to join in when anyone else is laughing.
She likes to "dance," which usually involves spinning and pumping her fists.
Oh, and she loves to watch the first 10 minutes of the movie Sabrina, which was my favorite movie growing up. Like mother, like daughter.

(Sabrina. The 1995 version with Harrison Ford. If you haven't ever seen it, please watch it. It's so 90's. Round glasses, car phones, antennas, jumpers and denim jackets. And the music is fantastic!)


Anneliese said...

sabrina is our fave too (cause it is our moms favorite)!!

love this update on your girl :)

kristin said...

i LOVE(D) sabrina as well. i felt bad when i wasn't a huge fan of the hepburn version, but it really is only because the 90's version was the one i saw first.
(and i gave my guy- 2 weeks younger than your gal- his first haircut, because i realized i loooonged to try ponytails on his hair. it's hard when you're 'done' growing your family- and it's 4 boys!!)

Annabelle said...

"More isn't always better, Linus. Sometimes it's just more.". One of my favorites of all time.

Renee said...

"how do you say, 'I love what I'm looking at?'" my favorite line...makes me melt everytime! I could watch Sabrina every night of
the week! And it would be even better, watching with you and hadley!

Nessa Bixler said...

Love Sabrina... and she has such a cute pony tail. Love the idea of her hiding from daddy. Mine practically beats the door down trying to get to hers.

Nicole said...

I saw this sweet pic on your instagram feed and it is just so precious! I made your king-sized chocolate chip cookies and LOVED them. Thanks for sharing!

Mom Judy said...

Thanks for the pony tail pose of Hadley. You're right, it is definitely a grandpa and grandma pic.



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