March 14, 2013

Hey guys! Just wanted to share something good with you today. We love to eat fermented food (full of probiotics, like sauerkraut) at our house, but we also (even Hadley) take a probiotic supplement for gut and immune health. If you're shopping around for a probiotic supplement sometime soon, we've been taking this Organic 3 Gut Pro probiotic for about 8 months now and we love it! I love that this formula doesn't have any extra "stuff" in it, and we've really seen it go to work in our systems. No flu for us yet (thank you, Lord).

It's an investment in the beginning ($99 for a bottle), but you get 240 servings, so over time it's actually one of the best prices you can find for a really good quality probiotic. We're still on our first bottle, so that means it has cost us about $12.50 per month so far, and we aren't finished with it yet. I actually got the powder, instead of the capsules, because it's such a great deal. And that way all 3 of us can just dip in and get a spoonful- as small or as big as we need that day.

I spent a lot of time searching and shopping around for a good probiotic, and we've been so happy with this one. Hadley and I take our spoonfuls right away in the morning when we wake up, on an empty stomach, and usually wait a bit before we eat breakfast. 


ChelseaF said...

Love to know about your probiotics! Addy and Drake have very sensitive tummies to the stomach flu (and also both had/have CVS) and probiotics similar to this are the only thing that healed Addy's gut after a very serious stomach and intestinal virus last year (she couldn't even keep down other, food forms of probiotics...and we tried!!!) Will for sure look into these, thanks so much for sharing! :)

Anonymous said...

This is EXACTLY what I'm looking for and both girls have yeast overgrowth a lot and finding gluten free ones are hard..... But they don't ship to Belgium :(

Mary Ann said...

Oh Summer,

You are the best (in so many ways!) for I have been researching Probiotics for some time now and I never found the best one. Thank you so much for posting this for all of us to share in.


kris antonius said...
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kris said...

Sorry, I just posted, but it pulled a very, very old blog of ours. So, now there are to entries for me.

I can second the GutPro love. We've used it for about a month and really appreciate the teeny serving spoons, how it dissolves nicely into our green smoothies and water, and the kids really don't even notice it's there.

Question - do yo make sourdough? I've just started and always love to hear how others do it.

Bridget said...

ok, i just spent some time on that website and compared it to the p robiotic i take (16 billion. no comparison!) -- i think you've sold me. i need to get this one. do you take the smallest measurement?? did you get the measuring spoon with it?

summer said...

@kris I haven't made sourdough yet, but dream of getting into it someday!! Way to go! :)

@Bridget We did get the little measuring spoons that go with it. They're so handy! Yes, most days I take the smallest amount, unless I'm getting a cold or eating foods that I know are hard for me to digest. Then I up the amount :)

Anonymous said...

It looks like you're based in Australia. If that's right, where did you find Gut Pro powder in Australia? Thank you!

Raechaelprice said...

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